“What is a child doing telling a Ruler how do her job?” There was a subtle threat in her whisper as she then raised her voice, causing to Alicia cringe. “Who are you that you are so bold enough to command me of all people? Heather, darling, could you come here?” The Queen’s Ace was beside her in a moment, holding out a parchment and opening it for her leader. Images of countless criminals and runaways appeared, the Queen using her free hand to scroll through them.

“Aha! Well isn’t this a grand surprise.” The Queen smiled, or rather smirked, the smugness rich in her voice. She looked at the almost see-through parchment a little closer, it displaying a full body view of the girl who kneeled before her. The two were practically identical, if it weren’t for her prisoner looking so worse for wear, so the best way to make sure was to identify any for outstanding features. “Could you check the back of her neck for me, please?”

Alicia rolled her eyes as she mumbled under her breath “At least you’re polite when you’re barking orders—” She felt Surrie’s hand move her hair out of the way, curly locks swinging into her eyesight. Alicia huffed in annoyance to blow her strands out of her eyes, her face feigning irritation before shifting to confusion at the brunette’s airy “Oh.” Wait. What did that mean? What was so awe-inducing about a birthmark—?

“Shaped like a rabbit, marked black, is it not? A single ear bent to the side? Oh what a great payday this is.” With her hair in her face, Alicia couldn’t exactly see the Queen’s reaction but the glee in her voice was unmistakable. Her two would be liberators responded with a resounding yes. This caused the Queen to give a little laugh, her Majesty turning on her heels and starting to skip about the room. The trio watched all a little miffed by the sudden shift of personality. The tension that had hung in the air had seemed to have vanished.

The End

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