Meeting With The Queen

This time she was met with silence as they continued walking, before two different gloved hands grabbed onto each of her arms. Alicia looked to her new company, surprised to see the two from who had tried to set free at her side.

“We took care of the one from earlier,” the one named Surrie replied softly. “They are safely locked up in a nearby closet.” How the hell does she keep doing that?

“It’s best not to question how she does that, Blondie. As for why we’re still headed for the grand hall? I wanna know what Queen is really like. I’ve heard stories, but this is a once in a lifetime chance! Besides imagine her face when we reveal our disguises and then bust out of here? It’ll be great.” Alicia could almost feel this girl’s excitement, meaning she was clearly not wrapped tight and believed this to be one big game. How wonderful.

“Bring in the defiant brat!”  A booming voice could be heard from beyond to giant oak doors, signifying that they had reached their destination. The heavy wooden doors creaked inwards, opening up to a grand space, the red and white wall length banners cascading downwards. Several knights stood in place alongside the wall, two standing on either side of the black haired queen’s throne. Her Ace stood by her side, a sneer visible on her face even from the doorway. They halted several meters before the throne. Her newfound allies suddenly got very still, playing the role of an obedient soldier well enough.

“You’ve been brought before me, the Queen of Dekarea, to plead your case and tell me why you interrupted the death of a criminal. You should be glad that I am just to all sisters, regardless of age and actions. Had you been a man, you’d be dead long before now. Speak now and tell me the reason for going against my will!”

It took almost everything she had not to roll her eyes at the harping royalty, especially one who had such a loud voice.

“Your Majesty, please, think about my words. That man you accused of committing a crime was clearly innocent. Did you not see the look of fear in his eyes? Did you not see the look of sadness in the woman who was trying to be by his side in what would have been his final moments had I not intervened? The tears coming from her face and her cries were real. You cannot—”Alicia hadn't even blinked before the Queen was cupping her chin with a hand, a cordial yet twisted smile on her face.

The End

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