Free To Execute

Her eyes widened in fear, expecting something horrible to have found its way down to her cell. To her surprise—and immense relief—it was only a two more guards. The number two on their jackets gave Alicia a gauge of their rank. But why were they here? She didn’t need to be watched. As if she could just stand up and walk away free. The auburn one crossed her arms, looking between her partner and the girl trapped behind bars.

“I don’t see why we should help her. Give me one reason why I should pick the lock and set her free?”  Wait what?     

The strawberry blonde companion rolled her eyes with a sigh, placing her hands on her hips. “If you were in her position, would you not want someone to come and release you, Petricia?”

“Considering that I’ll never be in her position, not really.”

Alicia watch as the two argue, stunned that they even considered helping her. It was then that the pink-haired guard did something strange with her face, causing her partner to cringe slightly.

“Fine, Surrie, I’ll do it. Keep a lookout.”

Surrie smiled, looking over her shoulder as she slid a golden bag into view from underneath her cloak. The girl with twin piercings on both sides of her bottom lip, Petricia, went for her belt, unlatching and flipping a fancy dagger into a hand. She stuck out her tongue as she started to wiggle the blade inside the lock.

“Um,” Alicia started as she shifted closer to the door.

“You’re wondering who we are?” Alicia’s mouth tightened, as the blonde girl answered her question without as much as a glance. “Well the time for questions and answers is later. For now let us help you escape and—Aha! Found it! I do believe that this belongs to you.”

A tiny trinket, an earring, was dropped off into her hand. With little difficulty, Alicia slid on the glinting, silver accessory. The lock on the cell popped at that second—only to have another guard just within earshot from the top of the stairs. “Wait, I think I heard something. Stay here in case I need back up.”

The one holding the daggers cursed under her breath, grabbing her companion’s hand.

“Well, it looks like we hafta go.” The duo disappeared, leaving Alicia blinking and dumbfounded as a new guard appear before her cell. The number eight in red was pinned to her jacket as she looked about the hall. The pin then started to blink, indicating that a message was to be received by all. Alicia’s green eyes widened, as the new order wished for her to be brought before the Queen herself. This new guard smirked, unlocking the prisoner’s cell, before yanking her outside and pushing the blonde girl before her.    

“Let go of me! At least, you don’t have to be so rough!” Alicia called as she shuffled up the stairs, the guard snickering at her response. They started towards the royal hall, servants and other guards rushing around in preparation of something big. “Honestly though, just because I’m considered a criminal does not mean I don’t deserve some respect.”

The End

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