What Lies Waiting

“‘Stop with the whole truth and justice thing…?’ It was at your words that I believed that man to be innocent and rushed to stop his execution! How do I even know what you said was true?” she hissed at him, her voice raspy from her earlier protests as she had been surrounded for her intrusion of affairs.

At her words the boy stood up, stalking over to her side only to sit by her with his legs crossed. He placed a canteen full of water in her lap, pulling out a shiny red apple and biting into before he spoke.

“I told you the truth. If it is one thing these lips of mine won’t do, it is lie to a lady. He was just leaving to visit family across the country.”

“The weapon that had been brought before her Majesty and the blood that he had so foolishly forgotten to clean off before going into the marketplace was from him killing one of his sheep and cleaning it for a week’s food for his travels—not from ‘murdering’ his family. I witnessed the whole affair whilst helping out around their house.” There was silence after he had reaffirmed the man’s innocence.

“Well, if you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Just who are you and why are you here in the dungeon? Did you get captured as well?” she questioned, moments later.

The boy answered her with a harsh laugh.

“Me, get caught?” He crossed his arms, lifting his head high with a brilliant and confident smile. “No one can catch the great Chester Katrix! I came because I felt like it.” His arms dropped to his side after he said that. He then looked to her, his smile now holding something sad and his eyes full of a pain that she didn’t quite understand.

“For some odd reason you seem so familiar to me but I don’t know why.” Chester laid his head in the girl’s lap. The chain around her wrist rattled, as she began running a hand through his hair. The girl was just about to reply when he raised his head slightly and coughed. Then his eyes suddenly became wide and alert! Standing up in a flash, he kissed her hand with a bow.

 “I’m sorry Alice, but I have to take my leave. I smell a robin in the air and something else—something not human.”

“It’s Alicia, Chester, not Alice. And what are you talking about?” The teenager blinked at the strange yet polite action only to find that the boy had all but vanished without a trace. “Chester?” She asked the empty space, looking about her small bearings. But before she could wonder where he had disappeared to, let alone how, Alicia remembered his words: “I smell a robin in the air and something else—something not human…

The End

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