Locked Up With No Place To Go

Alicia Blackhart just wanted to see the world. Now she's facing execution.

Chapter 1: To Set A Black Rabbit Loose

While that one phrase about a frying pan and fire suddenly came to mind, Alicia realized she was someone who skipped the pan altogether. She supposed it came from her father’s side…but then again it was her mother who had always been the one to fight first and ask questions later. Her parents had obviously done a marvelous job raising her, given that she was now being dragged with black chains around her wrists. Luckily for her, the female guards had given her a matching set for her ankles as well, so that she didn’t commit a further crime in fashion with the rags she was dressed in.

They stopped short, appearing to have reached her jail cell. A barred window lay high above and the dim sunlight displayed web-like cracks in the bricks, while in the darkest corner, a small wooden bed sat covered in a sheet, strands of hay visible. The guard on her left opened the door, the one on the right gripping her arm harder than necessary before shoving her.

“Ow!” she growled, her head connecting with the floor. The one who had pushed her scoffed before turning on her heel as her partner locked the cell door. She blew a blonde strand of hair out of her face as the second guard strode away, the captive attempted to sit up and cross her legs. After three or four tries (her “accessories” were so damn heavy), she succeeded. Well today had been much more eventful than she had originally planned.

“So this is where you ended up? Maybe you should stop with the whole truth and justice thing, if it’s only going to make you look like a criminal…”

Her eyes widened at the sound of the voice. It was the same one that gotten her in this stinkin’ cell in the first place. Looking over her shoulder, lying in her bed was a boy no younger than herself. He wore khaki pants and an open white button shirt, his green eyes seeming to twinkle with mischief thanks to his flaming hair.

The End

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