I sleep the entire night under the watchful eyes of the lightrider twins, making myself able to wander.

I'm walking through the forest, trees surrounding me, I shouldn't be here! Not alone! Not again! I swallow hard, forcing my memories back into my head. I walk further and a song fills the air, an eerie sound, ominous, refusing to be ignored, it's a strange sound but so familiar. I follow the sound, eager to learn of the person playing, curiosity overpowering everything else, my only desire to hear the song. I move faster, pushing past bushes and trees and everything in my way until I break through, to the clearing, similar to where I spent my first night with someone special....what was his name? "Don't think about his name, come and sit by me" I willingly walk over the the figure with long black hair and green eyes and sit on the rock beside him. He is playing a guitar, the sound surrounding me "you like it?"
I nod, feeling light,   airy, without a care in the world "would you like to hear more?" I nod again and he chuckles, taking my hand as the sound continues, his eyes boaring into mine. "Become my muse and you may hear all you like"
"B-become your muse?" I hesitate
The sound gets stronger, his eyes glow "Yes, become my muse, you want to hear the sound of my guitar don't you? And let go of your problems?"
I smile "Let go of my problems......." something tugs at me, a word
"Will you, my dear?"
I look into his eyes, his hair as black as midnight, one streak of moonlight blonde falls in his face and the sound cuts off "No! No way in hell!" I stand up "Stop your tricks Kivuli! I only love Xavior!"
"Xavior is tucked away in here, surely you can love him through me"
"I could never love you! Xavior is my soul mate! He is my reason for living! I fight for freedom and I fight for love! I fight for Xavior!"

I jump up, my head feeling as though drums are being played inside "Damn, that hurts like hell!"

"Aradessa? Jeeze! You terrified us! What happened?!"

"A dream" I scowled "A stupid, sneaky dream"

The twins looked at eachother and gulped, they knew this meant war"

The End

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