Mark remover

I curled up into a ball, trying to assume a connection What the f did you do Kivuli?

Temper, temper

Shut it, all I want to know is what you did


Excuse me?

I didn't do anything

My hair eyes and cheek say different.

Kivuli's voice became edged with laughter as he saw me through my thoughts No way! Ha! This is too good! I can't believe.....! Ha!

What did you do?

Kivuli laughed and everything fell silent.

Ugh! I kept my face calm, not wanting them to restrain me again. I lost my temper a bit but with my new look...they over reacted. "You okay Dessie?"

Dylan was standing in the corner.

"As fine as I can be" I sighed "But the thing is...I feel completely normal. I recall everything with perfect clarity and I don't want to hurt anyone."

"Good, this could be an illusion or outer morf spell, that means your not what you appear. Which means Hannah and Nicki can help"

"Hopefully" I half smiled.

Kaz and Daz came in "Hannah and Nicki are here"

Hannah and Nick entered, both looking very different. Nicki's hair was cut short into a bob and Hannah's hair flew down her back, they stopped infront of my bed and lookedat me. "Oh my.....Dess are you okay?" Nicki saton the end of my bed and held my hand.

"Yes, I feel fine, no different to my usual self, I'm sur it's not what they think it is"

"I wasn't reffering to your make-over. Your emotions are all mixed up, like at any moment you might collapse"

"She's been blacking out quite alot recently, getting tired alot easier" Daz looked concerned

"I'm fine"

"You always say that" Kaz sighed

"but I am-"

"If your ever going to clear your head you have to let it all out, you can't bottle things up forever" Hannah crossed her arms "It's not good for you as your appearance will agree"

"So is that it?" Daz smiled.

"What?" I looked at Daz

"You've opressed so many many's come out in another way" he laughed "Figures, you act so damn happy all the time y'know we don't mind if you freak out every now and then, we all do"

"It's not all that Daz, the Shadows have been trying to leak through but do you remember the storied of her father? Of his appearance? His portraits?"

"No way"

"Yes. Aradessa, you going to undergo a complete change in the next few days and on your birthday your powers will reveal themselves, as a princess and as a daughter of the side"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your father went through this before he turned sixteen too, his hair changed , his eyes changed, people were afraid of him, then his true powers broke through. It was a wild ride apparently, he was very powerful but he only used his power if absolutely neccesary. Sound familiar?"

My eyes widened, tears forming "My father, he went through this?"

"Most of it yes, your lives are very similar now that I think about it. Even almost losing his true love to the Shadows" Kaz shuddered

"I remember that story, it taught us to stick together and believe in ourselves. Back then I didn't realise it was true" Daz sighed and sat next to me "Shame, I was looking foward to a good fight" Daz laughed

"Damn, now I don't have an excuse"

"That aside" Nicki faced me "We should get rid of that mark, Hannah, you got the cream?"

"Yeah" Hannah produced a small round tub and threw it to me "Put some on tonight and it'll go"

"Thanks" Mark remover, guarenteed mark relief or your money back. I thought about my parents, what happened to them? If this has only come out knows what their not telling me.

The End

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