"You do realise that your only going to pee Kivuli off even more right? By sending him those messages" Dylan walked by me on the way to my cabin

"I know" I smiled "I'm counting on him to be angry, it just wouldn't be fun otherwise"

"Since when did you become for the fight? I thought you hated wars"

"I do, this isn't a war, it's childs play" I sighed "Besides, I'm also the girl to stand up for what she believes in, no matter what I'm not going to give up, I was taught better than that" I fiddled with mine and Xavior's amulets

"Thats what I'm scared of"

"I don't get you"

"Well, sometimes you let your emotions take over, aren't you worried that Kivuli will use it against you?"

"I suppose" I shrugged "That won't stop me though, I'm going to set everything right."

"And by that you mean...."

"Change everyone back, the ones who want to anyway"

"Namely Xavior"

"Yes" I sighed "Xavior too" I clenched my fists.

"Do you think you can change them back, I mean how...?"

"I don't know Dylan! Maybe a light thing or a chant or positive thoughts, I'll try anything to get them back"

"Anything. I believe you Dessa and I'll help you, no matter what the cost" his hand rested on my shoulder reassuringly, then, abruptly, he took it away "Dessa" he sounded scared "Are you okay?"

"Yes, of course I'm okay...." my head started to spin and I knew where this was going.....


Everything faded to black.


My eyes opened to the dim light of my bedroom, as I began to take in my surroundings I saw several people in my room looking terrified. "Hey" I croaked "Whats going on?"

Dylan came to my side, seemingly shaky, Lilly looked wary, Logan standing protectively by her side. "Dessa?"

"Yeah? W-Whats going on? What happened? Is everyone okay?" There can't have been an attack while I blacked out, I'm never out long.

"Yeah, everyones fine but...." his hands shook, his face seemingly tortured, pained.

"But? What is it Dylan? Your scaring me"

He picked up a mirror "See for yourself"

I gasped, my hair, once a dark brown, was black as midnight, my eyes no longer sparkled, they were a terrifying, luminous green and there, on my right cheek was a small mark in the shape of a skull. "What...?"

"It's the mark of the shadow, it appeared when we were talking and then, while you were out...."

"Does this mean....?" I still feel like myself, not in the least bit different.

"We're not sure, it could be an illusion, Hannah and Nicki are coming to check it out, they'll know for sure"

"Right. And if I am......" the room fell silent "Ah"

The End

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