Here I am in the gazeebo again for yet another meeting, so much for a world of excitement. "We cannot let this go, they may be ready to attack" Logan's tone of voice was unusual, not nearly as cocky as I remember, he sounds quite scary....

"If they were ready wouldn't they have already attacked" Dylan pointed out

"Hello? Did that attack just happen or was it just me?"

"It was a simple strategy to scare us, plant doubt, Dessie said it herself, it was a bluff" Dylan shrugged

Logan scowled "I hate it when they play us. It really pees me off" his fist came down on the table "Why don't they just do it already?"

"How would I know, maybe their just trying to get us running scared"

"We can't just sit here like lemons! We have to do something!"

"No we don't" I stood up "The Shadow's are far too weak to attack, my guesse is that Kivuli had some help with that attack, as in the entirety of his forces, it's not dark and we're not scared enough. Their just acting like children, throwing a faulsehood into the equation to try and win. A cheap shot"

"And how would you know?"

"I would know because after it happened and I explain to my class not to be scared because it was just a bluff, that we are fine, they cheered up and I heard Kivuli growl in the back of my head. He doesn't like me messing with his plans, but it was such an obvious move, he really shouldn't re-use techniques like that. It's boring"


I sighed "You don't recognise it? You don't see that pattern?" I sighed again "I suppose you wouldn't I took in every detail about my parents past, even about how they died. Kivuli sent me nightmares before, pictures, clips on how they killed the guards, he wouldn't show me my parents. They freaked them out I suppose you could say, the darkness closing in on them, seperating them, enveloping them in complete silence and then...." I shuddered, remembering the pictures, the red, the screams.

"So he's reusing the strategy?"

"Trying to, he has been for weeks, haven't you felt the temperature drop slightly?"

"Yeah. It's been unusually cold"

"Thats because the darkness is trying to creep in right? The shadows are trying to scare us"

"Thats right. But because of our optimism and positivity our 'lights' as you call them are stopping it from getting any further than a breeze. Like I said, positivity pays off"

"When did you say that?"

"Just now" I smiled and the room grew colder "Ner, ner, ner, ner, nerrrr!" I don't know why I'm acting like this...maybe it's the sense of purpose, maybe it's the hope...either way, it must really be annoying Kivuli

"Dess, can you stop that? I didn't bring my jumper" Logan wrapped his arms around himself, the sarcasm of his previous tone returning.

"Sorry Lo, Sorry Dil"

"I don't mind" Dylan smiled "I think it's funny"

"He can hear you by the way, if you want to say something...." I smiled

"Yo Kivvy! Hope you don't mind our little light show, wouldn't want to disturb the neighbours" Dylan beamed


"I said who's not afraid of the dark?  I said who's not afraid of the dark!" Logan smiled,that was good, the stress melted away from his face and a huge gust of wind blew past us.

Laugh while you still can, I will not be antagonised by your childish remarks!

Too late Kiv.

The End

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