"Alright then, today we will be working on light. It can be quite hard to grasp but if you keep trying and stay positive you'll do it in no time at all. To show you how to do this, myself and my two friends here, Kaz and Daz will demonstrate. Guys."

Kaz and Daz came to stand by me. "Now, take a deep breath and tune everything out, think of happy memories, of friends, dreams, beliefs and let it flow"

I felt the warmth flow through me. Deep blue. Golden. Happy.

I heard a gasp as the warmth expanded and I opened my eyes. The forest was lit up.

"See, thats all there is to it. But if you don't get it right away, don't be discouraged, we've been practicing for a while." I smiled "Now it's your turn, Kaz, Daz, could you help direct them through the steps?"

"Of course" Daz beamed

"A snap" Kaz smiled

"Good, I'll stand by and watch" to see if anything goes wrong so I can contain it.

I sighed and sat down on the log a few meters away from the group. They all took deep breaths, closing their eyes and concentrating.

"No, no" I saw Kaz talking to one of the girls I hadn't met yet "You haveto let it flow Imogen, yes, thats it, now expand it"

"Almost there Emma, you need to believe in yourself"

"I'm not sure, what if it goes out of control?"

"Don't worry about it, it wont happen and I'll be here to help if it does" Daz put his hand on her shoulder

"O-Okay" Did Emma just blush?

I sighed The twins are getting along with Imogen and Emma just fine. I hope they realise.

"Dessa! Look out!"  I lifted my eyes

A bolt?! That cant have been from anyone here, no-one here accept me, Kaz and Daz can do it.

I extended my hand swirling and energy sheild to deflect the bolt, then it hit.

I landed on the floor, my head spinning wildly No way! That sheild should have stopped it!

"Dessa! Are you okay?"

Kaz and Daz came to help me up

"Yeah, I'm fine, caught me off guard is all, though...."

"What?" Kaz's eyes widened

"That sheild shold have stopped it" Daz whispered

I nodded "My timing was probably off" I laughe "Who shot it anyway"

"Thats the thing"

"No-one did"

"No-one? Are you sure?"

"Definately, the most our class can do is conjure a ball of light, purely deffensive"

"Then who? The aim was a little off but it was pretty powerful, kinda like...." I swallowed hard


"The aim wasn't off and it wasn't from anyone here"

"Then who?"

"You have to ask Kaz? It was a warning, I'm sure of it"

"Oh brilliant"

"So does that mean their coming?"

"No, it was just to scare us, targetting me, knowing that my power has been a little off since my little trip to their place. They want us to fear them"

I stodd up and faced my class "Just so you know, all the Shadows have is fear. You have to know that if you don't fear them, if you don't let their words creep into you, they don't have any power over you at all. They wont know what to do, take that bolt for example, it is an attack based on faulse power to make us doubt. Little do they know that this family is and always will be strong in heart, soul and body, because we are the freedom fighters!"

Don't know where I got the speech from, better go with it.

Smiles spread scross the faces of the class "For freedom, we live, for freedom, we are one"

"Well said Emma"

I could feel the happiness in the small area around us, all the doubts fading into the darkness, never to be seen again.

I heard a feirce growl in the back of my head and I smiled, sending only this in return:


The End

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