Training and a chat

Feeling energised by the good mood I instruct my group in how to see other peoples light so that they can see their friends in the dark.

"It's simple really" I begin "and once you know how to do it you'll be unable to understand why you didn't do it before"

"So why can't we do it?"

I smile "It's because it's so simple, your brain overlooks it because it's unimportant to it" I chuckle at their confused faces "Dont worry, all you light riders have been taught how to do this already, it's one of the first things you learn right? Can I have one of you come up here, a volunteer?"

"I'll do it" A petite girl steps foward, her hair is cut short, hanging just below her ears, but it's light and almost feather like, making her, big, round, blue eyes and angelic face seem all the more surreal. She wears the typical colour scheme for a light rider, white and gold.

"Thank you...."

"Ashley" she smiles and steps next to me

"Ashley could you please project your light for me, just a little bit more so it's easier for the class to see?"

"Of course" she smiles and takes a deep breath

"Now, what I want you to do is to not look for Ashley but look for Ashley's light, no facial features, just her light"

"I see it!"

"Me too!"


"Does everyone see? If you dont, don't be afraid to speak up, it took me a while to get used to it"

There was silence among the smiling faces.

"Well, okay, thank you Ashley" I turn to smile at her then face the class again "Practice looking at others' lights as you walk around camp okay? Look at the variety of brightness and vibrancy, each light is different and I'm sure you'll come to recognise each person by their light"

The class disperses and Ashley steps beside me again, holding out her hand "It's nice to finally meet you your highness"

I shake her hand and smile "Nice to meet you too Ashley and please, call me Aradessa or something like that"

"Okay, Aradessa, can I ask you a question?" she seems wary, worried, unsure

"Of course," I smile softly, taking her over to a bench a few feet from the edge of the forest "feel free."

"Um....well actually....I'm curious about....the guy who used to lead, the one we're fighting against" she admits "I dont want to upset you or anything but it's just that...."

"It's okay, what do you want to know?"

"Well, about your relationship, you were held at the castle right? What was it like?"

"As you know Xavior has another.....person inside him, Kivuli, well Kivuli took over and while he was fighting with himself I passed out....they got into my head, showed me things that made me thing I knew I was at the castle, tied up, arguing with Collin and Bree, then Kivuli came in" I shuddered at the memory "It was weird, seeing Xavior but it not being Xavior....then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse, he would let me see Xavior for a little bit if I was obedient and had dinner with him and the other shadows, turns out he wanted to announce that we were going to be married......" I shake my head "I kicked off, then the civilised dinner turned into something right out of dracula and Kivuli did let me see Xavior, in private and he held Kivuli off for long enough so I could escape" I sigh "The shadows are dangerous, they get in your head, tempt you, decieve you.......then, by the time you realise you've made a mistake, it's over"

"Their that dangerous?" she says, eyes wide

I put my arm around her shoulders "If your unsure then yes, but, if you stay strong, they will be powerless"

"So they got you because you were unsure?"

I nod "Yes, I was weak, at that point I had just lost the man I planned to marry, though I'm certainly not old enough to marry yet but still....." it struck me that I missed my birthday, I'm already sixteen, woah. "Anything else?"

"No, thats it"

I smile "You have nothing to worry about, we've got eachother, we're like a family, standing together, fighting together, we'll win, of that I'm sure"

Ashley smiles "Thank you Aradessa, I've got to go practice my sheilding techniques, see you later" she gets up and runs off.

A nice girl.

"Hello princess"

I turn, my face draining of all colour, my body freezes, I can't move.

"Time you visit me again I think"



The End

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