Dylan's perspective chapter 1

The whole camp feels as if it's glowing with happiness, no one will tell me why, but I guesse you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth right?
After everything that has happened recently, I couldn't be happier at the atmosphere in the camp. I find myself smiling as I walk through camp, I even start to hum, how long has it been since we've had music? It must have been since Xavior left, after he went, so did the music.
The memory of that day is like a rusty knife in my memory, I saw Xavior just before he ran into the forest to get away from us all, that was when he gave me that letter for Aradessa. If I had stopped him.....no, I couldn't have stopped him, it was already too late.

My mind wanders to the dream I had last night, it was of Xavior, he was himself again, but he was sad, hunched over and in pain, crying over a lump of fabric. Then it went to a happy scene, a little baby babbling away in it's cott, giggling, Aradessa was by the side of the cott cooing it, smiling, then I woke up. Dreamd are weird things.

"Hey! Dylan!"

I turn to see Dessa, smiling again. Good. "Hey Dessa" I beam "Whats up?"

"Nothing much, just wondering why everyone is so happy is all"

I shrug "Dont look at me, I'm as confused as you" Which is true, but hey, as I said before about the gift horse, "it's good everyone is happy because it means the lights are brighter"

Dessa nods and smiles "very true, anyway see you later Dylan I gotta talk to my training group"

"Alright see ya!" I wave her off, smiling as she goes.

The End

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