Light-unfinished chapter

"Aradessa! Wake up! Dessa! You gotta see this!"
I open my eyes to see Dylan above me, eyes wide, filled with excitement "Whats up?"
"Just take a look!" Dylan pulls me from my bed and forces me to the window, I wipe the sleepy dust from my eyes and sigh, whats happened now?
Then my eyes widen, a smile spreading across my face as I realise whats happeneing, the whole camp is glowing! A brilliant, unmistakeable light coming from every corner!
"Wow! How did this happen?"
Dylan shrugs "Faith, Hope, they are wonderful things" he beams
I nod "I finally feel like we have a fighting chance..."
"With this much light, how could you not"
I smile "Nothing can stop us"
"Nothing at all" he agrees
"Right" I beam "You, out, I need to get dressed and get out there"
"Yes ma'am" Dylan smiles and leaves.
Everything is coming together.

I decide to wear basics, trainers, jeans, short sleeved top, hair tied back and I walk outside to be greeted by smiles. "Morning everyone"
"Morning Dessa"
"Morning Dess"
"Howdy Boss"
"Logan!" I run after him to see even him smiling "whats going on?"
"Well the camp shared a dream last night and it gave us hope, the twins say it looks like a prophesy so we're all in high hopes"
"Well good" I beam "What was the dream about?"
"A miracle I guesse" Logan chuckles "later" and he leaves me.

The End

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