A family

Their determined faces only make me more desperate "I have to get out of here"
"Kivuli wants me right? If he thinks I'm dead then maybe he would stop, it would destroy him, maybe even bring back Xavior"
"We're not risking it Dessa"
"No way in the shadowy depths of the dark side"
"But nothing Dessa! You heard them out there right, they are with us, the shadows are doomed because we do not fear them. They are-we are-all willing to fight for you, we would die for you Dessa, without hesitation"
"Dont you think I know that Dylan, that makes what I want more neccesary! I dont want anyone to die for my sake, I lost my parents and I will not lose all of you!"
Kaz and Daz shake their heads "You say that..."
"....like we're going to lose"
"Which is wrong"
"So wrong my symetrical sibling"
I stare at them in exasperation "I dont think you will lose it's just...I just..."
"You just what?" Daz  asks
"I dont want you guys to be in any danger"
"We have our amulets" Kaz and Daz beam
"And I am Xavior's and Kivuli's half brother, but with a lot more light, I'm like a walking sun!" Dylan points out "We get why your anxious Dessa but we will win"
"Together" Kaz nods
"As a family" Daz adds
I sigh and smile "A family" I agree

The End

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