A gift

Starlight felt the urgency in my ride, the purpose I had and he ran as fast as he could to get me to HQ where something horrific awaited me.
The camp was bustling but they were not the excited cheers and shouts I has expected and longed for, they were screams of outrage and insults beeing thrown around camp. It all stopped when Starlight's hooves ground to a halt behind them "Whats going on here?" the sea of people parted for me to reveal a bouqet of dead flowers on a pile of black silk. I dismouted Starlight and approached the ominous black pile "What is this?" I turn to the crowd "Who found it?"
"We all did Aradessa, it suddenly appeared after we found out about the concert...landing right in the middle of the feild"
I nod to the man who spoke up and I turned to the bouquet, finding a note attached, my heart thumped when I saw the handwriting, harsher than my beloved, it was sharper, menacing.
"What does it say?"
"To my bride to be" I gulp "Take this as a token of my gratitude and condolence in preperation for the wedding and the funerals of your friends. I'll see you on the battle feild. Kivuli Prince of Shadows."

"What does it mean? Are you marrying him?"
"No, I'm not" I whisper
"Then what is that note about?"
"Is it a trick?"
"It has to be!"
"Aradessa what are we gonna do?"
"Tell us!"
"Yeah tell us Aradessa!"
"Tell us!"

The weight of a thousand worlds crashes down on me and I fall to my knees, holding the amulets to my chest.

The camp falls silent, listening to my sobs in motionless panic, they had not see me cry before or lose composure during the training, I had always smiled.
"We fight" a voice from the side says "Kivuli is a tactless bastard who needs to be taught that if you mess with one of us you mess with us all. No one makes Aradessa cry and lives to tell the tale."
Cheers surround the camp and several people help me to my feet and comfort me until my tears stop.
"With you guys fighting Kivuli and his prissy shadows wont stand a chance" I smile, sniffing.

Kaz, Daz, Logan and Dylan come over to me and the twins link arms with me "We'll take care of her from here guys" they smile "Have fun but be on your guard and no one goes into the forest 'kay"
Everyone nods in agreement and smiles at me, I smile back at my family, wishing I could stop the wheels that had been set in motion when I was born.

The End

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