I'd die first

After living in it for so long the shadowy wood didn't bother me at all, it only made me focus on what I had to do. And it wasn't easy. I stop when I see a stump of a freshly cut down tree, I trace the surface of it with the tips of my fingers then look around me. There are so many trees that could have been cut down, why this one? I touch my hand to the amulets hanging from my neck and sigh. Focus, one thing at a time.
"Kivuli, I know you can hear me, I know your watching" I study the trees around me and feel a breeze caress my back "What are you so afraid of? Why dont you come out and face me or are you too scared?"

A hand rests on my shoulder "I only stayed away so as to not frighten you my dear"
I swallow hard "I've never been scared of you Kivuli"
I feel his breath against my neck as he laughs "Thats what I love about you, your so....brave"
"What do you mean?"
"Lets see, you used to have a normal human life but now you've fit in here so well, you were confronted by a boy you didnt remember and fell in love with him due to a magical bond between you, you then find out who you really are, about your parents and then about me.....and to top it all off you've called me here while your all alone and in the middle of changing too...."
I turn and face him abruptly "But I'm not defenceless, I can fight and use magic, I can defeat whoever I want"
Kivuli takes my hand "Not when I'm your opponent" he kisses my hand "If I am your opponent you are about as scary as a new born kitten"
"Well even as a new born kitten I still presented a threat to your shadows didn't I!"
"You did, but my father wasn't exactly good at his job, but I have something he didn't"
I step back, unable to get free of his grip "Whats that?"
"You" he pulls me to his chest and I feel that his strength has increased rapaidly.
I try to break free of his hold, but even my light attacks seem futile "Let me go!"
"You belong to me." he tils my head up, forcing me to look into his violet eyes. "We are destined to be together, the prince of shadows and the princess of the light....we could create peace, join forces, rule over everything and everyone and no one would stand in our way"
Together? Me and Kivuli? Would it really create peace? Surely....maybe....if we did rule together? BLOOD.DEATH.FEAR.DARKNESS a picture comes to my mind, Kivuli and I standing side by side, I'm huddled against his chest, smiling, his eyes are glowing a deep, sinister violet and we are looking out over the forest, filled with darkness and screams echoeing off the trees. I look in horror at my face staring at him lovingly.

Kivuli's smile turns into a scowl and I yelp as he pulls me closer "You will be my wife whether it is of your will or not." He lets go, smiling darkly as I stare back defiantly.
Shadowed figures creep out from the trees their faces too horrific to describe "As long as there is hope the light shall prevail!" I scream "And I swear to you Kivuli that as long as there is breath in my body I will see to it that you will never win nor will I marry you. I'd die first" I whistle and the familiar sound of Starlight's hooves approach me, I hop on his back and ride away as quickly as I can.

The End

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