I change quickly into jeans, a long sleeved white top and an armoured waistcoat, with boots ofcourse and call the twins back to my room. "Kaz, Daz, Kivuli is becoming desperate yet powerful, seeking me in my dreams. We cannot allow him to gain control of me, something, I fear, is almost within his reach."

They look at eachother, then me "Dessa, if he gets control of you, what do you expect us to do? He knows we wont hurt you!"

"If he gets control of me...." I shake my head "Silence me, send me to sleep, a coma, anything so he can't get any info from me" I hug them both "I'm counting on you" the fire returned to  my eyes "But for now we need to continue training, we need to expand everyones light skill, also, though we need to have fun"


"Yep" I smile "A little concert to ease the tension"

"But Dessa...." music hadn't been played since Xavior left

I smile "Kaz, I'm a big girl, besides, music can heal the soul, it's exactly what we need" I turn to Daz "it'll help boost your spirit, trust me"

They both nod "Okay, we'll do that, but what will you......"

"A meditation period alone, I need to reflect and strengthen myself, then I'll go visit the wounded and sick, see what I can do to help"


"Guys, please, I need to."

"Well okay, but you have to be back in 3 hours or we're coming after you"

"Okay guys" I beam "Now get on and organise, get the band together but keep it a surprise, I'm off" I smile and jump from the window, landing lightly and easily on the ground below, I head for the trees.

The End

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