Black outs

The final story in the imagination series! Story one: Dreams, Story 2: Hallucinations, Story 3: Nightmares and finally, story 4: Black outs.

My head spun wildly as I looked at the battle plans. I hated calling it that, a battle, a war. It seems ironic now, I used to campaign against wars, and now I was starting one. The impossible has yet again become possible.

"So, what do you think?"

"Huh? Oh, the plans are flawless...."

"Whats wrong Dess?" Dylan stood by me, the way he has since I came back

"I think the plans are too flawless, they'll be expecting something like this"

"What do you suggest we do?"

"I think you have some good aspects in here Dylan, the archers should fire first, thats always a good way to start, it signals off the other attacks, but after that, we just go with it. Kivuli, the Shadows, their getting stronger every day" my head ached. Lately the nightmares have got worse and I keep Blacking out, Dylan and Lilly say it's the stress but....

"Your right. As long as we believe in ourselves, we'll win"

I smiled "Exactly"

"Do you want to go to bed?"

"I still have training to do, I'll go to sleep afterwards."


"I will, I promise"

Dylan sighed "Alright, since your abilities are needed and I know I wont win the arument-"

"You never do"

"-I'll let you go, but Kaz and Daz are going to make sure you go to bed strait away"

"I wouldn't have it any other way"

I smiled and walked out of the gazeebo, it's become the base of planning lately, I tend to have to overview the plans because thanks to hat trap connection Kivuli set up, I can feel how strong the Shadows are and I can send them the odd message. Usualy it's just to annoy them, a bright flash of light that will give them all a head ache for instance.

"Hey Dessa!"

"Hey Kaz, Where's Daz?"

"Oh, he's putting the group through some warm ups before you get there, seeing who's more likely to blow what up"

I laughed "We'll sort that out, all we need is positive thinking"

"Then why are you attending class miss doom and gloom?"

I laughed "I'm the one in charge if you remember"

Kaz sighed "How areyou getting on, y'know with the..."

I stared at the floor "It can only get better."

"I'm worried Dessa"

"Me too, but don't worry, everything will work out"

The End

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