I am a monster...

I am a killer...

As, I can not change it, why mutter to myself? But, I can not stop the hate that I feel.

Of cause, it is not my fault I have turned into this- this horrible.... Monster. I was 15, and it ruined everything.

Every time I think back, I always see solutions that could have stopped this horrible thing from happening to me, but I can not change the past...

The night of the Attack was dreadful.

I was walking through my Aunt's house, as I was not welcome in my own. As it seems, I was not welcomed there either.

Her house was ancient. It's paint was faded on the outside, and no one was sure what color it had been originally.

The inside was even older.

My Aunt's house was almost dark and depressing on a cloudy day, but, I loved it.

There was tapestries of all shapes and sizes all over the house.

My Aunt loved to collect old things. She had strange statues all over the house. Many of them hundreds of years old.

As I had known, my Aunt's house had been deserted for many months, as, people say, she had died. But, I knew better.

So- I went looking for evidence of my Aunt, who had loved me since my birth.

I tipped towed along the hall, as to make sure no one heard me, if any one was in the house.

My Aunt, was in the house, but she had changed, dramatically.

She was in her room. I knew this by the light that was under the door.

"RUN!"  she had screamed at me as i had walked into the room. But, I could not run from my own Aunt!

If, only I'd run... If only I'd not come...

I had run into the room. "What's wrong?" I had yelled, trying to comfort her, but... it was to late... she had turned, and I had barely escaped...

Yes, she had attacked me. But, I ran, ran for my life... she had bit my arm. And, now.

I am a Were Wolf.

It changed me, body and soul.

I became more wolf like, my hair hanged from blond, to Charcoal black.

I grew, more, and I was almost taller then everyone I encounter.

My face... Oh, my face... I did, become, almost handsome because of the change, but I still loath myself.

My eyes, changed from blue, to yellow. They always glow in the moonlight.

My face is almost graceful... Almost.

My face is angular, and... well, I can't exactly explain it.

I also have something that no human could ever have... I have enhanced hearing and smell. Thanks to the wolf now in my veins.


My head snapped up as I heard my name. I was sitting under a tree, not far from my home.  I had been thinking and the voice drug me out of.

 But, my home  is a empty ware house.

My Aunt walked around the corner of the ware house, since the tree was in the back of the ware house, she had to walk around to the back to speak to me.

"Ah, William there you are!" My Aunt sighed in relief as she saw me sitting here.

My Aunt, thanks to the transformation from woman to wolf, she was tall, like me.  She had Chocolate brown hair, and it curled at the bottoms, naturally.

Her eyes where also yellow, and she had graceful, and angular features like me. Her nose was soft, and her face was more of an oval shape than anything., Her eyes where very big and round, you could just trust her entirely.

But no one trusted her, or me.

"Yes Aunt Margaret?" I sighed. Some of my only peace comes when she is not around. But, I do love my Aunt.

My Aunt and I live alone in the ware house, because we are both... wolves, and can not live like everyone else. We can not have jobs, or even lives for that matter.

Because, we are to dangerous...

"Why are you not at school?" she scolded.

I am 16, and she always seems to think that even if I am a killer, I  still belong at school.

At least, I do not change until the full moon, but I still have... side effects.

I sometimes become so hungry, all of a sudden, that it becomes to hard to bare, and.... well, I do have have some strange things that happen to me.

And, no one talks to me, they know I'm different, and I'm an outsider. I feel so alone all the time.

If it wasn't for my Aunt I would probably be a total savage.

"Aunt, I have told you a thousand times. I am to dangerous, and the farther away from people I am, the better," I murmured, head starting to stare down at my hands.

"That is no excuse! On the Full Moon, I understand, but every day? William, listen to me!" I had not looked back at her, and she yelled at me.

"You do need a little brake from this William."

I nodded, I understood, but I do not think... Well, I'm not sure what I think, many times.

I sighed, in defeat. "All right, I will go." I was sick of fighting her on this. Even if I can't control myself on a full moon, I can control myself every other night.

 I still do though, turn into a wolf. On the Full Moon, I turn into the Were wolf, half man, half wolf. but, on regular nights, I turn into a plain wolf.

Same with my Aunt. All of us can do that as fare as I know.

The wolves fur color is the same color as our hair. My Aunts chocolate brown, mine charcoal black.

I do now mind this, being a wolf is not that bad, but...

Sometimes I loss control...

My Aunt smiled in triumph. Her grin spreading across her face.


I sat silently at the back of the classroom, looking up at the teacher. My eyes looked very evil, I suppose, sitting in the back of the room.

All the other kids, would glance back at me, fear in their eyes. and, of coarse, they had no idea what I was. They had no idea i existed.

Wolf form i mean.

I sat at a table by myself at lunch. I sat in the back of the room for all my classes, away from the other students.

I wouldn't need to try to avoid the others. They are naturally wary of me. I know i must look horrible and creepy to most of them.

With my yellow, piercing eyes, and my long gangly body. With my worn down clothes, and my long dirty hair. I probably look like a rapist, or a murderer.

Which is true...


Not the rapist part... Not at all!

"Mr. Joeseph?"

I looked up at my history teacher,  Miss Smith. Or, it might be Mrs. for all I knew.I have to many different things on my mind to care if my teacher was a Miss or Mrs. It made no difference to me.

They both came out my mouth the same way. Almost Miz or Mrz?

"Yes, Miss Smith?" I sighed, looking up at her. I wasn't annoyed with her, because she was my favorite teacher.

She had an interesting way of teaching.

"Will you mind telling us what the cause of the civil war was?" I sighed. She always pulled this on me when she thought I wasn't paying attention.

"Growing tentions between the Noth and South. And, the South and North had different ideas and beliefes making them fight and not get along," I said looking to the front of the class for the first time in the whole period.

There was a small girl at the front, stairing at me. Bewilderment and Amazement shined in her eyes. She seemed to be new at the school, because I had never seen her before.

oh no. I mouned to myself under my breath.

She was small. Small bodied, or boned if you'd like to call it that. She had a small, round face, with high check bones. She had full lips like a baby, and her eyes where a little to far apart from her nose.

She had flowing red hair that flowed to the small of her back.

"Very good Mr. Joeseph, but please, pay attention next time." Everyone knew I was paying attention. Most people thought I was the silent nerdy type... well almost.

The bell rang at that moment, signaling that school was done.

Most kids ran for the door, as soon as the sound buzzed through the school.

I was never in a hurry. There was nothig I was coming back to, after all.

"Um... Hi..." My head snapped up as I head a voice. It was closer to me than i was used to here at school, and it startled me out of my thoughts.

I stared at the girl that had sat in the front a moment ago. She had a chirpy voice, almost like a bird.

"Hello," I said, conversationaly. It was so strange being talked to!

"I'm Melanie," she said as she looked down at the floor, smiling. She was nervus.

I almost glared at her, but I had to remember she was new here, and she, nore anyone else knew what I was.

I sighed, "I'm William."

"William..." She looked up at me dreamily. She had clear green eyes, looking like the color of tree tops.

I frowned down at her (of coarse she was shorter than me). How could she just approch me? Most people where wary of me... It's so strange.

I had to put this right, before she thought I was leading her on or something.

"Are you new here at Alpine?" I asked her. I had to remember, I still had to be polite.

"Ya... I moved here last week.." As she talked, she looked as if she was chocking on a couple of words. She kept opening and closing her moth like a fish.

I help back a smile, that would be rude!

"Hey, William I was wondering..." she paused, to thing I supose. "If you'd- well maybe... or- ... Would you like to get a bite with me?" she managed to choke out.

Poor girl.

"I'm sorry... but I can't..." Tears weld up in here eyes. She could tell the rejection coming.

"Am, am I not pretty enough for you?" she wailed.

I frowned down at her, again. I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. How could she think that? Her not pretty enough for me?

"No, I'm just a horrible guy," I said, as I left the room. I didn't want to continue it unless it was tottally nessisary.

Hopefuly she would just forget about me...

The End

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