New Year's Eve's Ball.Mature

   “How are things at home, Will?” my father asked. Ok so actually it was Dr. Carlisle Cullen but I thought of him as my father since he was as good as a father to me. He was how are father should be, he was kind and gentle-hearted. He guided me and taught me, he chided me if I did wrong and helped me correct my mistakes. He was not ignorant to my flaws but he still accepted them. He accepted me, loved me and cherished me. He once told me that I was like the daughter he’d never had. I often teased him by calling him ‘Papa’ or ‘Father’ after he told me that until it was no longer a joke because he became the father I’d never had just like I was his daughter
   “Same as always,” I mumbled in reply. It had been only a few months since I’d discovered the truth but it seemed longer than that. I’d come back from Frannie’s only when Masen had left. No one else knew about me, not even the servants but they had noticed something was amiss. I never spoke to Mother and Edward – in fact I never spoke at all. The servants work for the Masen’s and therefore I have no rights giving them orders or making requests. I do it all by myself, I make my bed in the morning or change the sheets, I cook or get together my food, I dust down my room and sweep the floor and I refuse to ask for help. Every day, after making up my bed, I leave the house and go to see Frannie or Carlisle before they have to work. When I am forced to return I play on the piano softly. The Brigants normally come to visit, Felix attempts to have a conversation with me but I give only one word answers or muttered sentences because Mother is always in the room. The others are in there too but I know she is watching us so I just carry on playing. One time however, Mother wasn’t there and I chatted animatedly about anything. Felix noticed that around Mother I was more closed off but he never asked. When they left, dinner would be eaten and I would go to my room.
   Right now I was sitting cross-legged on the floor by the fire in Carlisle’s house, Frannie was opposite me also by the fire and cross-legged while Carlisle was sitting in a chair, talking about anything but at the moment it was me
   “Are they making you go to the Brigant’s New Year’s Eve ball?” Frannie asked
   “Yes,” I sighed, “I hope it won’t be so bad. You’ll be there right?”
   “No, sorry,” Frannie looked sad and regretful, “The hospital needs people working on the long night shift and we were some of the few who volunteered”
   “Sorry, Will,” Carlisle said and then added, “Be careful though”
   “Why? What’s wrong?” Carlisle and Frannie glanced at each other before Frannie spoke
   “Remember our old friend, Mr. Liades? He promised to send people here to Chicago to work for Mr. Brigant?” I nodded impatiently, “Well he’s kept true to his promise. The contract for the last one has recently finished so Mr. Brigant has hired a new person from Liades. He’s about eighteen, nineteen, doesn’t really matter. Anyway he’s brought three friends with him, cousins he says”
   “They’re vampires, Will,” Carlisle interceded to speed things up, “Not like me because as far as I know I’m the only one who drinks animal blood. No, they drink human blood and the vampire hired by Mr. Brigant is going to be at the New Year’s Eve party. I’ve been trying to find out some more about him but I can’t, his friends however are a different story. They are survivalists, while they would prefer not to kill they do it because they don’t like being weak. I don’t know if they’ll be there with Brigant’s one but if they are; watch out.” I shot Carlisle a dazzling smile and he certainly looked dazed for a minute
   “You know me, Carlisle, always careful. Always prepared,” I winked at him and grinned at Fran, “We had better get in some practice in because it looks like I’ll need it quite soon.” Frannie nodded in agreement, “Want to come and see, Papa?” and Fran giggled at my teasing name. Carlisle looked startled at being offered
   “Can I?” His eyes were shining with excitement at the prospect. I faced Frannie
   “What do you think? Is it safe?”
   “I think so. You can almost suppress it without me,” Frannie allowed and laughed at Carlisle, “You look like a child who has just been offered all the toys in the world”
   “I can really come?” He asked disbelievingly
   “Yes,” I laughed, “You can really come. So long as you can run fast enough if I lose control.” He jumped up and ran; two seconds later he had his coat and shoes on ready to go. We left for the depths of the woods to our, Frannie’s and mine, usual spot. She held out an arm to stop Carlisle as I headed a little further in. I turned to face them; Fran had her wary expression to show she was prepared while Carlisle’s face was avid, alight with curiosity. I closed my eyes and tapped into all my powers, calling them to me with their full extent. I heard Carlisle gasp and I knew he was seeing the shadows being soaked up by my skin. Then my eyes burned and I knew I had done it, I opened my eyes and Carlisle was astounded at my eyes and the glow my skin had, but no matter how astounded he could be at what he was seeing it could be no where as near as how astounded I was at what I was seeing. I’d told Carlisle that I could see people’s souls but the clearest part I saw was how bad they were. I could see Carlisle’s soul and he had no black tints in his aura. Even Frannie had a little streak of black, Carlisle though did not. He had the purest white soul, not tainted by any black. After getting over the shock I began to laugh, I’d never seen anything like it. Carlisle was as good as you can get there was nothing bad about him at all
   “Night?” Frannie called cautiously
   “Don’t worry, Fran, I’m fine,” I called back not taking my eyes from Carlisle once. I was soaking it in; I wouldn’t lose control ever again because I knew that there was someone with a pure soul. If I just thought of this moment, never again would I be driven mad by the evil of the world. Carlisle had saved me and the countless people who would’ve been my unintentional victims. To test my theory, I turned and thought: Lightning Hands and from my hands shot an electrical shockwave. It hit a tree and sizzled its way through. The tree began to fall; stop I thought and it froze mid-fall. Upright I commanded and it reattached itself to the tree stump. I was still in control, and all I had to think about was Carlisle’s soul. I spun around and skipped to Frannie and Carlisle. I was beaming as I skidded to a halt in front of them
   “How? How do you have perfect control at last?” Frannie breathed her eyes shining with joy at my success. Or maybe she was feeling my happiness, through the bond
   “Carlisle,” I answered
   “Yes?” He inquired startled
   “No, I wasn’t addressing you,” I laughed, “You are how I controlled it. You have the purest soul I have ever seen, the only person I have come across who has absolutely no black or badness tainting their soul. Frannie is close to having a pure soul, but you…” I shook my head, “If I think of seeing your soul then the evil of other souls doesn’t drive me mad and I keep control”
   “Amazing,” Frannie whispered, “You’ll have no problem around the vamps.” My eyes burned as I sent away my powers and the shadows
   “In theory,” I said.

*  *  *

   The New Year’s Eve party came a lot sooner than I wanted it to. Masen was home and he had given me a look that said you better not give us any trouble about going or else. I’d rolled my eyes at him and went to my room to change. I pulled out a ball gown; it clung to my body nicely. It was a simple black dress and when you spin around the skirt of the dress flows out. The dress was silk with blood red velvet decorating the border hem and the wrists. I left my hair down, loving the feel of it trailing down and softly brushing my back. I’d noticed my hair had gradually become darker over the years; it was no longer the bronze color of my youth but a chestnut brown. I clasp my silver locket that Frannie gave me around my neck. I put on my black dancing shoes and emerged from my room only when Soph came to get me. Soph blinked a few times before stuttering that I was to go downstairs. Even Masen glanced twice as I appeared. Sometimes going for simple things pays off better than putting on lots of make-up and over the top outfits.
   It was full dark by the time we got to the huge ballroom the Brigants had hired. The music was playing and there were already many people there. I received compliments as soon as I entered. I’ll admit I was enjoying myself, it was nice doing something new and I liked to dance. I lurked around the edges of the room for the first half hour though. I was resenting being there and avoiding offers to dance. Finally Edward came up to me and grabbed my hand pulling me to the floor. He was tall for his age, taller than me by a couple of inches
   “Hey! What are you doing?” I demanded
   “You are going to enjoy yourself,” he growled, “You are going to dance because you enjoy it, you are going to mingle with people and have fun. Then you can go back to hating us, hating them, hating everything; but right now you are going to dance. You’ll dance with me before anyone else.” I didn’t want to but I’d hurt Edward a lot and I’d probably give him anything he wanted, so I allowed him to drag me onto the dance floor and we began to dance. We were good dancers and so many people were watching us and clapping. When the song was finished there was a huge applause, we bowed and slipped off the floor. Edward began to walk away
   “Thank you,” I whispered after him. He spun around to look at me, to see if I really said that but I had already turned away. After that I no longer avoided offers to dance, I danced with Felix and he asked if I was enjoying myself, I assured him I was. I danced with some other boys from our area who had admired me from a distance but I’d never really spoken to. I danced with a couple of adults but finally I was exhausted and collapsed in a chair. There was a parting in the crowd and on the other side of the room, as far from me as possible, was a vampire. This had to be Mr. Brigant’s new employee, he was staring at me. I stared right back, I knew that vamps were beautiful but he was even more striking than the ones I’d met. He seemed familiar to me, like I’d seen him before. He was tall, about six foot three and his hair was black and fairly long. His face looked about nineteen years old. I froze. Of course I’d seen him before, this was the vampire from my dream, the four vamps: three feeding one resisting. This vamp staring at me was the one who had been resisting, the one who had looked up and spotted me before I woke up. What had Frannie said? ‘Anyway, he’s brought three friends with him, cousins he says’ that fit in with my dream.
   Uh-oh I thought when he started making his way towards me. He deflected the many offers or requests to dance made by many gorgeous women. I looked away and rose, I slipped in and out of the crowd hoping he would give up. I had thought he had given up when suddenly he stepped out in front of me. I tensed
   “Yes?” I said
   “I’m sorry,” he said he voice flowed over me making me want to shiver – not with fear though but something else. What the hell? “I’d noticed you dancing and I just thought I would make my acquaintance. My name is Ian O’Callaghan; I recently worked out a contract with Mr. Brigant. May I have the honor of your name, young maiden?”
   “Of course,” I replied smoothly, “I am Will Night, although many people here will tell you my name is Willow Masen,” he raised an eyebrow. I sighed, “Willow Masen is the name that is on my birth certificate but my father isn’t Edward Masen Sr. No one else knows this. Willow was given to me by my mother but I don’t want to be called Willow for my own reasons. Therefore I changed my name to Will Night because Night is my nickname shortened,” I explained
   “I see,” O’Callaghan said, “Would you mind a dance?” he asked abruptly, startling me so much I didn’t think before I answered
   “No, I wouldn’t mind.” He smiled at me and took my hand. He put his hand on my waist and kept hold of my hand. I put my hand on his shoulder, resting my arm on his. I noticed his cold hand but made no sound of protest. We began to dance and despite the difference in our height we managed very well. I ignored the fact almost everyone was staring at us. When the dance was over I stepped away from him
   “Thank you, Mr. O’Callaghan,” I murmured
   “My pleasure. And please, call me Ian. May I accompany you to a seat?”
   “If you would like to, please don’t feel obligated” What the hell? Why was I allowing him everything he asked? More than that, I’d enjoyed dancing with the vamp way too much. His cold hands had felt almost warm. Suddenly I remembered how I felt in the dream when we’d made eye contact. Oh my god I screamed silently that’s crazy! But my instinct was telling me I was right. Ian O’Callaghan and I were together in my dream. As in, we were dating, and I loved him. What I felt now was just the beginning. I stiffened in the chair I hadn’t realized I’d been sitting in
   “Are you alright, Miss Night?” Ian asked
   “Fine,” I answered quickly. A vampire? A bloody vampire? How could I love a vamp? “Excuse me, Mr. O’Callaghan, I’ve just seen my friend,” I leapt from my seat and melted into the crowd. I didn’t look back until I reached Red, when I did he was still looking at me, shock on his face at my sudden departure
   “Oh, hello Night,” Red smiled at me, “Having fun?”
   “Red,” I gasped, “The vamp,” her smile faltered
   “The one you were dancing with?” I nodded unable to speak, “What about him?”
   “He’s… He was… my dreams,” I stuttered incoherent but as soon as I said dreams Red was alert, she knew about my visions
   “Has he been in them?” She asked in a low, urgent voice. I nodded, “You have to tell me what you saw, Black Night,” her use of my full Wiccan name cleared my scattered thoughts
   “Has Sylvia told you about the vision I had of the four vamps?” Red nodded, “He was one of the vamps, he was the one resisting from feeding,” I began to sob. Red blocked my from everyone else’s view and directed me outside. There was no one there that I could see. Red wiped away my tears
   “Shh,” she breathed, “Calm down, Night. Tell me the rest,” I shook my head trying to get a grip
   “I need Frannie,” I choked out, “The vamp, Ian O’Callaghan, he spotted me just before I woke from the vision. I’m going to love him, Red. I’ve already started to care for him although I barely know him”
   “Just like you loved Frances although you didn’t really know her. And do you regret loving her?”
   “No!” I cried, “But that’s not the point! A vamp, Flames! How can I love a vamp? A bloodsucker? Carlisle is the only one who doesn’t kill humans”
   “I know it seems crazy, Night, but maybe he is different and that’s why you will grow to love him. Now wait here while I go to get Fran”
   “How will you get the hospital to let her go?”
   “I’ll tell them that her sister needs her. No one can miss the connection between the two of you,” Red winked, “Stay out here, you’ll be ok,” I laughed a watery laugh. Red walked away quickly. I sensed a movement and locked my eyes on the shadows no more than three feet away
   “Shadows, allow me to see who or what is hiding there,” I whispered and the shadows complied. Standing there looking slightly shell-shocked was Ian O’Callaghan. I stumbled back from him
   “No,” he said softly, “I don’t want to hurt you. I…I heard everything you said, inside and outside. From what I gathered you are… a prophetess?”
   “Sort of,” I said faintly
   “You also know what I am?”
   “Yes,” I whispered. He looked at me almost wistfully and it was definitely lingering, or was I imagining it?
   “You had a vision of me?”
   “About three or four years ago,” without meaning to I had gotten closer to him. He looked sad and troubled
   “You saw that I was refusing to drink blood and yet think I am unworthy of your love?” he asked so quietly I strained to hear him
   “You brought three others with you,” I replied, suddenly impassive
   “Yes, I cannot control them. William insisted they come with me because of the girl with the ability to win against vampires. There are many women here with magic that I can sense and some I cannot; you for example. How do I know whom he is on about? But the three with me, they were feeding, not me, so how can you try to hate me? I hate myself enough”
   “You brought three others with you,” I repeated, “They were feeding in my vision”
   “What of it? It’s how we stay strong. I resist feeding, so why do you resent me? Why does bringing them affect you?” His fingertips stroked my cheek lightly I took a small step back and he dropped his hand
   “You brought them with you,” I whispered, “You made no move to stop them from feeding even though in the vision we were together.” He blinked
   “And who was this person they were drinking from? Some street tramp?”
   “No,” I spat out, “My brother. They were drinking from my brother and you didn’t do a thing to help. I knew I was too late but when I saw you there my heart broke because I’d believed you were different. Instead, you let my brother die,” I spun around so he couldn’t see my face. Red had just reached Frannie, I could tell, they would be here soon. I saw someone coming outside for a cigar. I drew back into the shadows not thinking about who was still there. I backed into him and gasped quietly. The person glanced our way curiously. I didn’t move or breathe; I silently called the shadows to conceal us. I could just make out Mr. Phillips and then spotted two others coming out to join him. He shrugged and turned away to his friends. I released my breath only to hold it again when Ian wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me further back. I twisted and turned, struggling silently. When we were finally around the corner of the building (he didn’t realize I’d called the shadows to conceal us) he relaxed his grip but didn’t let go. I twisted around and tried to pull out of his arms but he held me tight again. I scowled at him
   “Let me go,” I hissed
   “Can the future change?” He muttered quietly
   “I don’t know. I’ve tried to change it before but the person involved ignored me,” I glared at Ian, “I will do all I can to save my brother, even if that means killing vamps.” Ian’s eyes widened
   “You,” he breathed, “William meant for us to watch out for you”
   “Took you long enough to work it out. Yes he meant me. Is that enough to make you leave me alone?” I mumbled
   “You don’t want me to leave you alone and I don’t want to leave you alone. Did it occur to you that maybe I did try to save your brother and failed because I haven’t eaten in a while and there are three of them?” I merely looked at him, contemplating what he said. If he did try to save my brother, would I feel different? What if he was resisting feeding because he didn’t want any part in Edward’s death? I shook my head
   “I’m just a human. Why would you care about me in any way? I’m just food to you”
   “If you were just food to me, you would be dead by now. Your blood is the sweetest I’ve ever smelled,” Ian murmured. He bent his head closer to mine, “I’d heard the Brigant children speak of you. The moment I saw you myself three weeks ago, I was instantly enthralled. I followed you around, stalked you maybe,” he chuckled softly, “Your mannerisms are like no other persons. You thrive in your independence, you revel in working hard and you treasure the ones you love. And now I’ve actually spoken to you and met you I don’t want to lose you. You’re special, Will,” his lips hovered above mine. I hesitated briefly as I was indecisive. Oh to hell with it. I pressed my lips to his lightly. Although his skin was cold, he seemed very hot because it was like we had burst into flames. His lips seemed warm and were smooth. My arms wrapped around his neck, holding him to me. I’d been miserable ever since I’d found out the truth, but the minute I kissed Ian, I forgot everything, my anger, my hatred, my loneliness, everything. His arms tightened even more around me as he kissed me back. Suddenly, I pulled away, startled: Ian let me go
   “Wha-,” I put my finger on his lips. I crept to peek around the corner. Frannie and Red were not too far away. I slipped back to Ian, I stared him straight in the eyes
   Go I told him with my mind. By his startled look he was hearing me, Fran and Red are here. You have to go he nodded. Quick as a wink he bent and kissed me briefly then he was gone. A second later Frannie came around the corner with Red
   “Will? Red tells me that the vamp I spoke to you of is one from your vision. That you are afraid of falling in love with him?” From what I can tell you already have she added silently but not judgmental
   “Yes. He… the three feeding, they were feeding on Edward, my brother,” he cares for me, I picked that up. He heard me telling Red about everything. He wants to change my vision because he wants to be worthy of me. I hope together we can because to lose Edward…
   “My poor sister,” Frannie hugged me. Don’t worry, Black Night, my sister, if you love him maybe he can change. He definitely feeds on humans although rarely, maybe we can have Carlisle talk to him? He had better be good to you, though, or else I’ll kill him
   “If you two could stop having a silent exchange, then maybe we can go back inside? I’m sure someone will have noticed our absence and we don’t want anyone alarmed,” Red interrupted our mental conversation. We smiled apologetically and she rolled her eyes. Frannie looked worried at leaving me Red hugged her gently, “Don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on her. She’s popular with the men though,” Red waggled her eyebrows at me, “Who’s left for you to dance with?” I rolled my eyes
   “You really are something, Flames,” I muttered and hugged Frannie tightly. Red and I returned inside, I waved to Frannie. As we entered the room we smiled and waved at a few people who had frowned at us. Then a thought came to me
   “Red?” I asked in a small voice
   “If you don’t mind my asking, you may not want to answer and I won’t mind, but why did you change your name?” Red glanced at me
   “Are you asking because you’ve changed your name?” I nodded sheepishly, “You know, no one else has ever been curious so I’ve never told another soul. I changed my name because my father’s sister was called Victoria. She was jealous of my mother because she wanted to keep Father’s affections for herself. We discovered about five years after my mother’s death that my aunt had poisoned her. She confessed because she saw the pain Mother’s loss did to my father. My father didn’t want me to change my name because he still loved his sister but I didn’t want her to share the name with my mother’s murderer, you can understand that I’m sure”
   “Did you forgive her? Your aunt?”
   “Yes. It took me a while but although I forgave her… it changes you, doesn’t it? The betrayal of a family member, it hurts. Once it changes you, you can never go back to being who you were before. That’s why I’ve stuck with the name Red because I can never be ‘Victoria’ again,” Red glanced at me, “When I discovered my powers and I became a Wiccan it was nice. Like a homecoming. My father has never felt the same towards me since I changed my name and so when the Wiccans welcomed me… I felt accepted and a part of a family”
   “I know how you feel,” I muttered looking over at Mother and Masen. Edward was dancing with Violet, “It does hurt, betrayal of family especially ones you loved and trusted. I hope that one day though, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to forgive them. I will never be Willow Masen ever again, I will remain Will Night, but it’d be nice to think I will get to the point where I can forgive. Not forget though, I will never forget”
   “No, you don’t forget and forgiving takes a long time, Will. Maybe you’ll forgive them but it won’t be as soon as you think. Often, you forgive them too late,” Red said softly and somberly. Just then someone came to ask Red for a dance, I nodded and indicated that she should go and enjoy herself. I spotted Edward escaping Violet managing to persuade her to dance with another boy, one I had already danced with myself. He moved away and I intercepted his route across the floor. He was breathing a sigh of relief, apparently Violet hadn’t let him dance with anyone else for the whole time I’d been outside. He was startled when he saw me, clearly waiting for him, looking awkward
   “What?” he asked bluntly. I winced slightly at his cold voice. I’d done that to him
   “Just wondering if you’d like to dance again. Never mind, if you don’t want to hang around me,” I half turned away
   “Why?” Edward asked startled. I turned back to him, “Why do you want to dance? After ignoring me for so long, never speaking more than two words to me, why now are you taking notice? Don’t you still hate me?”
   “I never hated you, Edward,” I said quietly, “I hate myself, I hate our mother, I hate your father but I could never hate you. You’re my brother, granted you’re my lil half-brother, but still my brother,” I gave him a lopsided grin and winked, “And you eat like an animal, but I love you. I was trying to break away from you because when I leave I wanted to make it easier for you and me”
   “I don’t even know the full story,” he said before laughing uncertainly, “I don’t even know how old you are! You’ve been a stranger to me the last few months; I feel I don’t know you. You’ve even changed your name from what I’ve heard! I didn’t want to lose you which is the reason why I begged Momma and Papa to make you stay, but I’ve lost you anyway. You’re like a shell around us. You’re dead inside”
   “You don’t want to know everything, Edward. I want to protect you from the truth that destroyed me inside and created this shell. I’m trying, I’m trying to forgive but I will never forget. Can you forgive me? Knowing I’m trying? To satisfy your curiosity, I am fifteen. I have changed my name to Will Night for reasons better left unknown and very complicated,” I held out a hand hesitantly, “Dance?” He scrutinized my face for a long time, I don’t know what he saw but cautiously he took my hand and we began to dance
   “Who was the handsome guy you were dancing with?” Edward asked. I blushed, an unusual reaction for me. Edward noticed too and grinned mischievously, “Oh, I see, you like him. You must really like him if talking about him is making you blush this much,” of course my face flushed darker
   “Be quiet,” I snapped light-heartedly, “His name is Ian O’Callaghan, if you must know. He works for the Brigants”
   “And you looooooove him. Don’t forget that!”
   “Shut up, Edward,” I ducked my head to hide my face.
   “Wow,” Edward said stunned all teasing gone, “You’re not denying it so you do don’t you?” I looked him in the face, I wouldn’t lie
   “He was very nice, and he was polite. Also, of course, he was good looking. I don’t know how he feels for me specifically, but I’m quite sure he liked me. He also promised me something”
   “Oh yeah? What was that?” Edward asked he was looking slightly annoyed
   “You know how I have… visions?”
   “You told a stranger about your visions?” Edward was outraged
   “He’s not normal himself, Edward. He was in one of my visions anyway, so were you,” I said. I made sure no one was eavesdropping and lowered my voice, “I saw them kill you, Edward. I tried to save you but I couldn’t, I was too late. If I seem slightly annoying by sticking with every minute possible then it’s because I don’t want you hurt. He promised to help me stop the ones that kill you”
   “You saw… my death? You saw me being murdered?” I nodded mutely, “Then I’ll have to be careful when I go out won’t I?”
   “You can’t escape vampires,” I snapped unthinkingly. Edward’s mouth flopped open but I carried on, I’d already said too much, “Vampires are very strong and fast, a hundred times faster than  even you. They turn invisible with their speed. They are very attractive to their intended prey; it’s hard to resist them. They are venomous and if left to spread, the burning of the change is excruciating. You can’t outwit them, you can’t outrun them and you can’t beat them”
   “How will you be of any help then,” Edward snapped back, his pride peaked, “And how can you trust a…a vampire to stop his friends? I bet he’ll betray you,” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to a chair in the corner I sat him down and pulled a chair of my own very close to him. I put my mouth by his ear
   “I am capable of things that you wouldn’t believe lil half-bro. Also your attempt to make me doubt being with Ian fails,” I grabbed his chin and turned it towards Red, “You see Red over there? Her mother was killed by her father’s sister because her aunt was jealous. Do you notice any similarities? I don’t want you to turn into her aunt, Edward, I love you, I always will but I’m going to love other people as well. You need to get used to it, I’ve lost so much my life is like my name; a niger nox noctis, so please don’t resent me being with someone I care for and cares for me in return.” Edward stared at my face and I knew all my shields were down
   “Your life is like your name, a black night” he muttered. He’d translated my use of Latin, “I’m sorry, Will, I’ll try to like Ian and I won’t ask what you mean by your being capable of things. I guess… I was just panicking from your vision so I was being cruel unnecessarily to cover my fear.” I pulled him into my arms and for the first time I truly felt like the bigger sister
   “I won’t let anything happen to you,” I all but growled passionately, “I will do anything I can to protect you. I will throw everything I’ve got at any bloodsucker who tries to hurt you”

The End

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