I didn’t see Dr. Cullen for almost a month. I knew he was avoiding me; it was dangerous for vampires to become attached to mortals and he had begun to be attached. I didn’t want to like him either, he was cold bloodsucker, even if his eyes were gold (I didn’t know what it meant but I was determined to find out), he still needed human blood to be strong. Unfortunately, I had started to like him, he had been kind. More importantly, I feared him. I had given him too much information about me. I had let my guard slip and allowed some of my emotions and characteristics to come through. He had seen them all and he would never forget them. I knew a lot about vampires I had built up a picture in my mind of what vampires were like but Dr. Cullen didn’t fit that picture. One thing he didn’t know, and I refused to acknowledge, was that in the one meeting he had touched my heart. I had warmed to him as soon as I shook his hand. However the circumstances under which I saw him next were not happy ones, which is probably why the bond deepened. That’s always the way it works, the bad things bring people closer.
   I was sitting by the window of Soph’s room singing softly to her. She had caught something, everyone thought it was a normal fever but I knew it was something more than that. Father wasn’t home yet and no one seemed to know what to do. Momma permitted me to stay with her in her room but she was worried I would catch whatever she had. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. Soph was getting worse and worse each day. I’d wavered all day and it was dusk by the time I came to a decision. Gritting my teeth I went to find Momma before Father came home. Her reaction was exactly what I expected… mine was not.
   She was sitting in her private room at the back of the house over-looking the garden. I knocked on the door and entered. Momma glanced up at me
   “What is it, sweetheart?”
   “Momma, I have to beg you for something”
   “What’s wrong?” she asked alarmed
   “Please, please, please, Momma. I am seriously worried about Sophia. I can only think of one person who can help her get better completely,” I begged with her
   “Who?” Momma asked warily
   “Sylvia Wilkington,” I replied reluctantly. Momma shook her head
   “The Wise Woman?” she checked. I nodded, “No, Willow, absolutely not. I give you many things but this I can’t. We will not allow a witch to perform her evil magic’s in this house. I forbid it”
   My anger sparked, “So you would allow Sophia to die because you are afraid of magic?” I demanded. Momma opened her mouth but I carried on ruthlessly, “Not all magic is bad, Mother. You would be willing to let Soph die because you wouldn’t allow my friend Sylvia in the house. You would be willing to hate me because when I was a baby it appeared I had magic? Your daughter?”
   “You were the product of an evil crime,” the cold voice of my father drifted from behind me. I spun around and faced him
   “Edward don’t!” Momma cried, “We swore we’d never tell her, to protect her – and us – from the truth and shame of that truth”
   “Why shouldn’t we tell the truth? It deserves to know the truth of its origins. To lie is a sin,” Father glared at me.
   “Please, Edward, no,” Momma began to sob. Father wavered; he wouldn’t say if Momma didn’t want it. Suddenly I was in Father’s thoughts and Momma’s; I’d tapped into Frannie’s telepathy and was using it on them when I’d realized he wasn’t going to say. Momma her thoughts were a confused tangle, but Father was thinking of an official document paper in Momma’s desk in this room. I ran for it and yanked open the drawer pulling out the box he’d been thinking of
   “No!” Momma and Father yelled together. Father lunged for me but I skipped out the way and darted from the room. I ran, I mean really ran, I became invisible. I ran from the house all the way to Fran’s hospital, it was situated on the edge of town by the woods. I hid myself in the woods and examined the lock on the box. It exploded and the box opened, I’d done that with magic. Was there no end to my magic and its power? I pulled out several papers from the box. I’d never seen them before but I knew what they were from Father’s mind – birth certificates. In there were Grampy’s and Grandma’s. There was Momma’s, Father’s, Uncle John Jr., Edward’s and… finally mine. My fingers were trembling as I put back the other ones into the box and unfolded mine. I stared at it, not quite absorbing the truth. Written on the certificate was my name; Willow Elizabeth Masen. It had my weight and time of birth (23:59). It had my mother’s name; Elizabeth Marie Masen. What I couldn’t tear my gaze from was the date of birth and father’s name. Under father’s name it said ‘Unknown’. By date of birth was: 28th May 1899. 1899. I shook my head
   “No” I whispered, “No,” but I couldn’t deny the glaring truth; I was illegitimate. Also Edward Masen Sr. was not my father. I knew when Momma married him; she had their wedding certificate in a frame at home. The date on the wedding certificate was 19th January 1900. I pulled out Edward’s certificate to check. To see how much had been a lie; a part of me hoped that he was my full brother as I’d always thought. No, on Edward’s, by the date of birth was 20th June 1901, the day I had thought was both our birthdays. I had been lied to for thirteen, no fifteen years. I was fifteen according to my birth certificate. Then realization dawned, if the father was unknown… You were the product of an evil crime Father’s… no Mr. Masen’s – he was not my father (one small inconsequential good thing) – voice came to me
   “Oh, god, no!” I choked out. Not only was I illegitimate but my father, my actual father, was a rapist. He had raped my mother and as a result she fell pregnant with me. No wonder she didn’t want to love me. In fact, I very much doubted she did love me. She’d felt mild affection maybe, but not love. Suddenly that thought made me angry, it was irrational, but in that instant I changed. Mr. Masen had never tried to love me because of my father and because of the magic in the fiber of my being – magic I never asked for. My mother felt the same and had wanted to be rid of me but couldn’t because my magic forced her to be attached to me. All her affection was not real but artificial. They had lied to me and that made me mad. My whole life was a lie. Suddenly, I hated them both. I truly, utterly and passionately hated them. Hatred consumed me and changed me forever. When I finally rose from the ground, I was no longer thirteen year old Willow Elizabeth Masen; I was fifteen year old Will Night. ‘Willow’ was a name given to me because of another lie. The name implied I was a product of love because my mother had fallen in love with Mr. Masen by a willow tree, but I was not a product of love instead a hateful crime. Willow was a false and inappropriate name for me. ‘Will’ gave me some independence because I had chosen it and it would annoy my mother and Masen. And Night, the name had been given to me by my sisters, by my true family that loved and accepted me. Will Night, that was me. I was a hardened girl, an immensely powerful Wiccan, an unloved person.
   I knew who I really need though, the one person who would still love me because they always had even before knowing me. I closed my eyes and reached out with my mind into the hospital besides the woods in which I was hidden. I searched through the thoughts of the people in there until finally found her familiar warm thoughts. Frannie already knew that I was upset and angry. She was itching to escape to come to me, but she couldn’t leave even though it wasn’t busy.
   Frannie, I called to her. She instantly responded by stiffening and becoming alert.
   I know something’s wrong, Night, my sister. I’ll be off soon. Dr. Cullen finishes at the same time, she replied. I had a thought and felt a pang. Sophia. She was still ailing, diminishing every minute. Dr. Cullen could help her, who knew how many centuries of medical work the vampire had.
   Bring Dr. Cullen to my house, please, I told Frannie, Soph needs medical help. He can help her, I know it.
   Don’t worry, I will as soon as possible.
   Did you know I was illegitimate? I demanded. Frannie could read minds. Had she picked up on that and not told me?
   What? She asked startled. No, she’d had no clue. Surprising me, she became angry; You mean to say that your parents have lied to you to protect their honor?! You had the right to know! She took a deep breath and I saw, through her eyes, Dr. Cullen glance at her. You’re illegitimate?
   Yes, I’ll tell you later. Just… just don’t call me Willow alright? I have my reasons. Call me Will or Night instead. Please hurry with Dr. Cullen. I pulled from her mind and blocked her out. I went back to the Masen house. It wasn’t my home anymore. A home is a place where you’re loved, a place you belong. I didn’t belong to the family and so didn’t belong to the family’s home.
   As I walked up the garden, Edward came up to me, rushing out the door
   “Where’ve you been?” he demanded, “Momma is crying non-stop. Papa is fuming. The servants are bewildered. And me? I’ve been worried sick! Don’t do that to me!” Edward flung his arms around me. I didn’t hug him back. I needed to break away from him because when he found out the truth, his rejection would hurt. Even if he didn’t reject me, he belonged with Mother and Masen whereas I did not. So with this in mind, I remained stiff and unwrapped my… my little half-brother’s arms from around me and took a step back. Edward’s face showed only hurt at my rejection of him but I barely looked at him because in the doorway of the house was Masen and behind him was my mother
   “Willow, sweetheart. Where have you been?” Mother asked
   “I am not your sweetheart. And I do not respond to the name Willow anymore,” I snarled at her angrily
   “Willow,” Edward gasped shocked. I turned on him
   “Are you deaf?” I demanded harshly, “Do. Not. Call. Me. Willow. Just Will”
   “How dare you talk to your mother and brother that way,” Masen shouted at me
   “Mother in name only and my half-brother you mean,” I snapped back and Mother’s eyes widen with pain, “Anyway, you talk to me like that so I’ll talk to all of you like that,” Masen glowered at me but before he could speak, Edward’s spoke; his voice confused
   “Half-brother?” he laughed nervously, “That’s silly… Will,” he hesitated over my name, “We’re twins so we can’t be half-brother and sister. Why would you say that?”
   “Tell him, Father,” I sneered, “The sooner people know the quicker you can drop the façade of any claim of kinship to me, something you’ve been anticipating for years, I’m sure,” I laughed bitterly
   “Don’t Edward,” Mother pleaded before turning to me, “Please, sweetheart, I know you’re angry but this is an overreaction-”
   “Overreaction?!” I exploded, “It’s anything but an overreaction! This is a reasonable reaction, you’re lucky I’m not overreacting,” I shook my head and glared at them both, Mother and Masen, “I will never forgive this. You lied to me, my whole life. Neither of you has ever truly loved or wanted me because of something out of my control. I’m not one to go where I’m not wanted. As soon as Dr. Cullen gets here and Sophia is better, I’m leaving. Permanently and I don’t want to speak to you ever again. It’ll be just what you’ve always wanted – to get rid of me,” just then Dr. Cullen and Frannie walked up the path. Dr. Cullen was slightly astonished, Fran was grim. She just stood by my side and touched where my scar was from our blood-tie. I felt secure at last, no matter what: I had my sister.
   I still love you she told me this doesn’t make me regret our blood-tie.
   Love you too. You’re one of the few left I truly love now. Oh, also, do you have any idea where I could stay?
   You can stay at my house for a few days, that’s the best I can do for now.
   Better than nothing. Thank you
   “Mr. Masen,” Dr. Cullen shook Masen’s hand, “my assistant tells me someone in your household is in requirement of medical attentions”
   “Yes, thank you,” Masen responded after recovering from the shock of Dr. Cullen’s beauty and cold, hard hand, “You must be Dr. Cullen. Thank you for coming on short notice. Although it was not I that called for you, but a member of my house, I am still willing to pay,” Dr. Cullen waved away Masen’s offer of payment
   “No, sir, helping is enough for me. Where is this Sophia?”
   “I’ll take you to her,” I stepped away from Frannie, “This way, if you please, Dr. Cullen,” I guided him to Soph’s room, ignoring the Masens completely. Dr. Cullen nodded at them and smiled before following me into the house
   “How have you been doing, Willow?”
   “Just Will, please sir,” I avoided his question
   “As you wish,” he said, “It seemed you were arguing with your parents”
   “They are not my parents. I deflect any claim of kinship to them since they deflect any to me,” Dr. Cullen glanced at me
   “Is there anything I can do?” I smiled teasingly, although it was half-hearted
   “My wounds aren’t the ones you can heal, Doc,” I sighed, “Although I wish you could. Just help Soph,” we reached Soph’s room at the end of the hall and open the door. We slipped inside. Soph was asleep, it was the only way I could think of to end her pain
   “You can leave while I work,” Dr. Cullen said attempting to dismiss me. I just snorted
   “Nice try, Doc, but I’ll stick around. You may be golden-eyed and I don’t know what it means, other than you’re different, but I’m not taking any chances by leaving you alone with her. Deal it, Doc, I’m staying. If you have to, then use your enhanced vampiric senses, it won’t freak me out.” Dr. Cullen gaped at me
   “How do you know?” he whispered and I sighed
   “I’ll answer your questions if you’ll answer mine, but right now every minute we spend chatting, the more of Soph’s life slips away,” my voice was desperate now. After a moment he turned to attend to Soph. I went to sit on the window sill. I observed the vampire as he worked with much interest. He sniffed Soph, I tensed but all he did was pull down the sheet and roll up her sleeve. It wasn’t until later I realized he had been moving with inhuman speed. I only saw it all because I was tapping into my magic and it seems when I do I can move faster than vampires and can detect their otherwise invisible movements
   “Infection,” Dr. Cullen muttered and then I saw it. An angry red cut on her arm, “I’ll have to cut the pus out and cleanse the wound properly before sweating out the fever”
   “Just get on with it,” I ordered. I walked over to the bed and took Soph’s hand (on the uninjured arm of course)
   “What if she wakes?”
   “Trust me,” I said absently, “She won’t,” he said nothing in response and set about cleansing a sharp knife. I didn’t watch as he cut open her arm and removed the pus. I went to add more wood to the fire and grab some more blankets. I wrapped them around Soph tightly to sweat out the fever for Dr. Cullen. He worked for an hour before speaking again
   “I’ve gotten out the worst of it,” he began, “but there are still traces in her blood. Who knows what it could do to her? It’s always better to be safe than sorry”
   “So what do we do?” I asked. He shifted uneasily, “what?” I asked again this time bluntly because I knew his answer
   “I can suck out the last of the infected blood. If you’ll permit me of course; I won’t lose control”
   “No,” I agreed, “You won’t. Do it but be assured, if you bite her and turn her or even begin to drain her: I will stop you by any means I have, and that’s a lot,” Dr. Cullen studied my face carefully
   “I’m all but immune to human blood,” he murmured and began licking the wound, making sure he didn’t bite. I watched him very carefully, looking for any sign he was losing his self-control; but he didn’t. After a minute he stopped and the wound healed. He pulled back and packed up. He eventually looked at me
   “Her blood is clean, she will live,” he shuddered, “I’m sorry, it’s been a while since…” he took a deep breath, “Will you walk with me so we can ask our questions?” It was a long time before I answered
   “Where to?”
   “To my home, it's not too far, and then to the woods, if you’re alright with going there at night?”
   “Why wouldn’t I be alright with that? I am always going to those woods at night. As if you could take me on, too. Anyway those woods are more dangerous to you than they are to me, so are you alright with that?”
   “Very confident of yourself, aren’t you?”
   “Yep. So let’s go,” I said flippantly, “Oh, hold on,” I turned to Soph and reversed the sleeping spell. Her eyes fluttered open immediately and flickered around. She spotted Dr. Cullen and I by the door
   “Pixie?” she said uncertainly
   “Hey, Soph, you feeling better?”
   “Yes, thank you. Where..? Who..?” I held up a hand to stop her
   “Soph, this is Dr. Cullen; he just saved your life. You had a bad infection and he cleaned it. Just go to sleep no, I’ll send Jenny with some water later on. See you soon,” I spun around and left the room with Dr. Cullen close on my heels
   “Dr. Cullen?” Soph called after us
   “Yes?” he called back
   “Thank you”
   “It was nothing, Miss Sophia,” he closed the door. As we walked down the hall Masen stepped out in front of us. He was oozing fake charm
   “Dr. Cullen,” he said, “Is Sophia well?”
   “She is much better, you need not worry, sir,” Dr. Cullen replied
   “Good, good,” Masen said and turned to me. I raised my head slightly and met his gaze with my own; mine was even colder than his. “Willow, your mother and I wish to speak with you,”
   “That’s nice,” I said sarcastically, “Are you going to feed me more lies?” I glared at him, “I also repeat: Don’t call me Willow, ever. If you want to talk to me you’re going to have to wait until I’ve spoken with Dr. Cullen, which is, frankly, much more important”
   “Don’t talk me like that,” his charm dissipated, “Now shut up and get in there now”
   “Since you asked so nicely,” I rolled my eyes, “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand the ‘n’ or the ‘o’?” Masen turned an ugly red, “You can talk to me when I get back. Just don’t expect me to listen,” I marched past him out the house
   “I’ll see she’s safe, Mr. Masen. I just want to talk to her. Excuse me,” I heard Dr. Cullen murmur to Masen. He caught up with me and we walked in silence to his house, just three blocks away. He dropped off his things and changed. We left within five minutes and reached the woods. Automatically I headed for the circle clearing and he followed. I went and slumped on the ground where I normally stand at circle castings. He came and sat next to me, we were silent for a few minutes
   “Well? What do you want to ask?” I asked him, my voice was hard
   “What are you?” he asked first
   “I’m a Wiccan,” I replied immediately, “I have many powers. My circle believes that I am potentially the most powerful being ever in history been and to come. Normally we have only one power but I seem to have lots of powers. My strongest one though is with the night and shadows. Darkness really, that’s why my sisters call me Black Night or Night for short,” I let him absorb that
   “Is Frances Marksons a Wiccan?”
   “Yes,” I said smiling my voice’s tone was softer, “Frannie is my closest sister. We went through a blood-tie ritual where we shared our blood. The ceremony is a rare one that many do not choose to go through. Frannie and I though… we loved each other before we knew each other. The ritual just seemed right to us”
   “That’s why your blood smells different. That has to be it”
   “Probably. I didn’t know I smelt different though”
   “Yes, your blood is… even sweeter than most human’s blood”
   “Any other questions?” he hesitated, “Oh,” I said, “You want to know about my… conflict with the Masens?” he nodded, “I found my birth certificate,” I whispered and tears welled in my eyes, “All my life I had thought that Edward and I were twins but on my certificate it said 28th May 1899 not 20th June 1901. My mother fell pregnant with me as a result of rape. I was lied to, not for my sake but for theirs. They were protecting their honor. Also they’ve never wanted or loved me because of things out of my control, who my father was and what he did and my magic. Can you see why I was angry?”
   “Yes,” he answered somberly, “So you’re illegitimate?” I nodded, “I heard you say something to them about them being lucky you weren’t overreacting with my super vampiric hearing,” he grinned but then was serious again, “What did you mean by that?” I cleared my throat
   “If I get too angry when I’m strongly in connection with my powers, then… I go bad,” I sighed, “I can’t explain it right. What I mean is I become overwhelmingly powerful. My eyes go black, completely black and I can see people’s souls. It kind of sucks because what I see of their souls is how evil or bad they are. It drives me mad and I lose all control, I could accidently kill someone or destroy a city simply because I lost control. It’s happened before, several times, I’m just lucky that Frannie has been there when it’s happened, who knows who I would’ve killed”
   “What if you had killed Frances?” I gaped at him in horror
   “That’s impossible! It could never happen!” I shuddered at the thought, “The blood-tie is stronger than anything else, even the impulse to kill, which is how I suppressed my…gift, how I forced it away and regained my control. I guess if I loved someone enough without a blood-tie then I could snap out of it before I hurt them. I’m getting better at controlling the power so I can fully tap into it. Frannie helps me because I could never kill her! It would be like killing me too”
   “So this…power is why you’re confident you can take on a vampire?”
   “Yes, I’ve done it before,” I admitted, “I didn’t kill him, I just, kind of, made him fly backwards, away from me, when he was attempting to attack me,” we sat in silence for a while, “Can I ask you questions now?”
   “Go ahead,” he conceded, I dipped into his head briefly. Dr. Cullen was reluctant because he truly hoped that we could be friends and was afraid of scaring me off. He also thought I’d ask questions like ‘Do O-positives or A-negatives taste better?’ I snorted and he looked at me curiously and I winked at him
   “O-positives or A-negatives?” I teased, “Please. Also I doubt anything you say could scare me off, I’ve seen the worst side of vamps,” Dr. Cullen gasped at me and his mouth floundered about, “Yep, Doc, I can read your mind if I want to but it’s more polite to ask you instead of intruding in your head. I just fancied a little fun plus I was curious to see inside a vamp mind. It’s… peculiar. Everything is so vivid, so clear. Anyway,” I shook my head to get rid of the distractions and becoming serious in an instant, “The one thing bugging us Wiccans is why your eyes are a golden color?”
   “I resented what I had become after I changed,” he dutifully explained, “I tried to kill myself because I didn’t want to be a monster, but it is not easily done. I tried to starve myself by resisting feeding. I wandered away from civilization when I grew weak in my willpower and physically. One night a herd of deer passed by me, in my overwhelming hunger I didn’t think and I attacked them. My strength returned to me and I realized I didn’t have to kill humans, I could survive on the blood of animals, after all, I’d eaten meat when I was human. That’s why my eyes are different, the animal blood changed them to gold; human blood makes them red.” I was so absorbed and fascinated by his story it took me a minute before asking my next question
   “But isn’t it difficult for a newborn not to feed?”
   “Yes, but I was so disgusted with myself I managed.” I asked the question that had been nagging at my mind next
   “How old are you?” He laughed
   “I’m not sure exactly how old I am. I think I was born in the early sixteen-forties because it was just before Cromwell’s rule”
   “So you’re what?” I did the mental math, “Around 270 years old?” He nodded
   “Around that,” he agreed
   “Wow,” I breathed, “You’re old,” he laughed again
   “I am but there are others older than I”
   “Physically though you’re…” I studied him, “Early twenties?”
   “You are observant,” he said, “23. I was 23 when I was turned”
   “How did it happen?” And he proceeded to tell me all about how he came to be a vampire. How his father had put him in charge of searching for witches and vampires etc. How he found a real coven of vampires and they’d chased one of them. How the vampire and mad with hunger had attacked Carlisle but left him bleeding to attack the others Carlisle had been leading. How Carlisle had crawled away and hidden himself and kept quiet during the excruciating agony of the burning. I was caught up in the story that I lost track of the time
   “Oh, God,” I exclaimed when he was finished. I closed my eyes, concentrating before opening them, “It’s exactly 12:03. I need to get back”
   “I would go with you but I know you can take care of yourself and I think I will hunt,” Carlisle rose and took my hand helping me up. I kissed him lightly on the cheek to our mutual surprise
   “Goodnight, Carlisle,” I whispered and melted into the shadows laughing softly at his astonished expression, and began to run.
   I’d barely gotten inside when Masen appeared, his face was thunderous
   “Where have you been?” he demanded. I rolled my eyes
   “Take it down an octave,” I advised and stalked past him to the Masen family’s lounge. Sure enough Mother was in there sitting upright her face tight with worry. It relaxed ever so slightly as I entered the room. I went to lean against the wall as far away from them as possible and crossed my arms while Masen went to sit by Mother and took her hand. It was then I realized Edward was there hiding behind the sofa
   “Get out,” I ordered and he pouted. He stood up and pleaded to Mother and Masen with his eyes
   “Stay, son,” Masen permitted, deliberately saying ‘son’ to irritate me. It did not work. I rolled my eyes at him
   “Fine, by all means stay, lil half-bro,” I said and looked in Mother’s direction, “So what do you want to talk to me about? Better get on with it but be warned, if what you’re saying has no interest to me I won’t listen”
   “What you said was all the truth, I won’t even try to deny it you’ve always been observant and mature,” Mother said without preamble, “But we’re not completely heartless. You are still my daughter and therefore my responsibility therefore we will not allow you to leave this house permanently. Maybe a few days to calm down some but then you will come back here whether you like it or not or whether you can forgive us or not. You won’t argue with us or you shall be punished,” Mother was hard and firm for once
   “I’d like to see you try to punish me,” I taunted, “Fine I’ll stay,” Mother’s face showed shock and slight joy at my ‘easy’ acceptance thinking I had partly forgiven them but she shouldn’t have thought that – of course I hadn’t. I moved to the doorway and faced them, “but you’ll regret making me remain,” and I disappeared from sight. I heard someone behind me and I whirled around to spot Edward following me. I sighed; I could hate Mother and the creature that was her husband, I could be angry at the father I’d never known, I could hate and be angry at myself and stop loving everything but I could never, never stop loving my brother. No; I could never hate him or be mad at him, but I would pretend so he’d let me go when the time came for me to leave forever
   “Leave me alone, lil half-bro,” I told him. He didn’t move, “I think you really are deaf. Go. Away,” he blinked but didn’t move; I sighed, again, and threw up my hands “Fine! Fine, don’t go! Just remember you brought this on yourself,” I headed to my room with him trailing behind me and as I touched the door handle I used my magic and he went to his room with a stunned face. I hurried into my room, closed the door and locked it. I grabbed a bag and threw into it my nightgown, underwear, two casual dresses and stuffed my box with Wiccan things in into it. I closed it and grabbed some paper and a pen. I hurriedly scrawled a note for Mother it said;
  I am going to stay at Miss Marksons house for three or four days to, as you put it; ‘calm down’, also to escape from you and your husband for a while. I’ll return before the week is over. I’m sneaking out simply to prove that you have absolutely no control over me and if I ever want to leave then I will and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Anticipate my leaving, Mother, because when I am old enough, I will leave here; anytime after turning sixteen I will go and make it in the world. You won’t know when after I turn sixteen I’ll go, maybe I’ll wait a month maybe I’ll wait until I’m seventeen that way you won’t be able to stop me. Even if you did try it would be dangerous for you since sixteen is when I come of age in my world.
   Will Night.
I left the letter on my pillow and smiling grimly left the house as silently as a breath. No one caught me and no one stopped me.

The End

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