Sunday came quickly that weekend. I had the feeling it came so speedily because I was dreading it. I woke later than I usually did when I realized the time I dressed hurriedly and ran from my room. I charged down the stairs and literally crashed into Momma.
   “Whoa, slow down monkey, where are you in such a hurry to get to, sweetheart?”
   “Where’s Grampy?” I gasped desperately
   Momma looked surprised I’d asked, “He’s gone, sweetheart, he left early this morning. I believe he’s left you a letter though. It’s on the drawing room desk. Go on and get it”
   “Thank you, Momma,” I kissed her and headed for the drawing room. I hadn’t spoken to Grampy much Saturday but he’d studied me a lot after I’d conveyed my warning. I’d prayed to God that he would heed me. I shut the door behind me and locked it when I got to the drawing room. The letter lay on the desk as Momma had said. It had my name on the front in Grampy’s writing. I sat in Grampy’s usual chair behind the desk, opened the letter and began to read.
   Dearest Willow,
   I thought long and hard about what you told me about remaining her on Sunday. I can only think of one thing that would make you so panicked, and since you said to stay after I asked about anything strange happening to you, then you’d had a vision of my death and that I will die on Sunday, but that is only if I choose to leave here. I have decided that if it is my time then I should embrace it. I looked at my will making sure everything was in order. I thank you for the warning because it meant I could make necessary arrangements for those I love when I am gone.
   Now I must give you some advice. Don’t ignore these visions, my dear, but don’t let failing to change them get to you. You can’t save everyone. Other strange things may happen to you, don’t resent them, they are a part of who you are. Your life is going to be hard and your uniqueness isn’t going to help that.
   Finally, sometime in the future you may make some discoveries about yourself. Things that your parents chose to keep from you against my wishes but they are your parents and therefore make the final decision. Don’t let these discoveries close you off from everyone. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by negative emotions, that is not who you are, Willow. You are a good person. You are who you decide to be.
   Have faith in yourself. Follow that Faith and you shall be safe.
   I love you
   Yours sincerely
John Williamson
   Grampy xxx

   Tears blurred my vision and dripped onto the paper, smudging the ink. While I’d been reading I knew that several miles away, my Grampy had been in a car crash and died.

*  *  *

   When I finally emerged from the room, Momma and Edward were there waiting for me their faces filled with concern. I’d been in there a while. I’d been in there all day actually. As soon as Edward saw my face he flung his arms around me hugging me in comfort. Momma came and rested her hand on my head.
   “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” she asked all I could do was shake my head. We went back into the drawing room Edward and I clinging to one another. We sat on the small couch in there while Momma took the seat I’d so recently vacated.
   “You started a fire?” Edward said curiously
   “I got cold,” it was true but the main reason for starting the fire was so I could burn Grampy’s letter. I’d sat there and watched the letter burn to cinders. He’d known that he was in danger and he’d ignored me so I thought it was only fair I ignored him and destroy any reminder of his advice.
   “Explain, Willow, what’s going on?” Momma asked gently
   “Nothing, Momma, you’ll know soon enough. I expect we’ll get someone come to our door tonight and then my problem will seem almost inconsequential after what they tell you. Now if you’ll excuse me please, I am very hungry and tired. Goodnight, Momma,” I rose and left the room with Edward close behind me. He said nothing, he just followed. I went to the kitchen to search for food.
   “Oh there you are, Mistress Willow,” Jenny smiled, relieved, “You’ve had your Momma and brother worried sick. I expect you’re looking for some food?”
   “Yes please, Jenny, whatever you’ve got going, I don’t particularly care”
   “Anything for you, young Master?”
   “No thank you, Jenny, I’m good”
   Jenny didn’t say anything she just got together a couple of sausages and toast. I ate them, thanked her and left, Edward still following. I went to my room and Edward went to his.
   “Oh, my sweet Little Pixie! You’ve had me so worried. Are you alright, Willow Fairy?”
   “Yes, Soph, I’m fine thank you” Sophia said nothing she just help me change. I sat on the bed. Sophia kissed me on the forehead, that was a first but I was too worn out to be surprised, “I’m here, if you want to talk,” she whispered and then left. Sophia understood when I needed space and when I needed to be alone with Edward. Sure enough, five minutes later Edward knocked and entered my bedroom. He sat on my bed next to me.
   “Now tell me, what’s wrong?” he asked very softly, “I’ll believe whatever you tell me I promise.” A single tear escaped, though I’d thought I was done with crying. Edward moved right next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
   “Grampy’s dead, Edward. Earlier today, he died in a car crash. I tried to warn him and he knew exactly what I meant but he chose to ignore me. He left anyway.” Edward’s arm tighten around me.
   “How do you know? How did you know rather, I remember you saying Friday that he wouldn’t listen to your warning, so I’m guessing you knew before” Edward deduced softly.
   “You have to believe me if I tell you, I vow I will only tell you the truth”
   “Of course I’ll believe you. I’ve already told you I will believe what you say”
   “I’m scared you’ll think I’m a freak”
   “You’re my sister, how can I ever think that?”
   “Alright, well… the thing is…” I took a deep breath, “I had a vision, a premonition of Grampy’s death, and it’s not the only vision I’ve had. It was horrible. I wasn’t just in the car with Grampy, I was Grampy. I was him, in the vision, when he died. I felt his pain, I saw the car that hit him and I screamed his last scream with him, and breathed his last breath with him, too”
   Edward didn’t say anything. Finally he said, “That must have been awful,” and I just knew he believed me
   “It was”
   We sat in silence for a while. We heard someone knock on the front door. We looked at each other grimly. We silently got off the bed and crept to the landing we saw one of the maids open the door and there were two policemen standing in the doorway.
   “Hello, we’re looking for Mistress Elizabeth Masen,” the taller one said. He was in charge it appeared.
   “Sure, I’ll just get her for you”
   “No need, I’m right here. What can I do for you officers?” Momma appeared in the entrance hall
   “I’m afraid we have some bad news, Mrs. Masen, if we could go somewhere more private?”
   “Of course, follow me,” they walked into the drawing room. Edward and I went back to my room and waited. Shortly afterwards, we heard the front door open and close. Less than five minutes passed while Edward and I sat in an expectant silence. Sure enough, we heard Momma’s ever gentle knock and she opened the door, peering in.
   She had been crying, there were tear streaks on her cheeks and her eyes were slightly red and puffy. She attempted a smile, it was a wavering one, but a smile nonetheless, “I should have known you’d both be in here,” she said simply. She came in the room closing the door behind her and sat on the bed with us. She seemed to be choosing her words when Edward chose to speak up himself, beating her to it
   “Grampy’s dead, isn’t he?” Momma looked as astonished as anyone could be. She gaped at him in her shock unable to do more than that.
   “How did you know that?” Momma asked when she had recovered somewhat
   “Intuition, we guess,” I answered for him. Momma shifted her gaze to me. She looked at me long and hard for a moment before nodding.
   “I see,” was all she said, “very well. I’ll call your Papa tomorrow so he can come home for the funeral and going through Grampy’s will,” she kissed our heads and walked to the door. As she left she turned to us, “Pray to God, my sweethearts, pray that He may welcome Grampy into heaven with open arms,” she closed the door quietly.
   “Would you mind, terribly, staying in here tonight?” I asked Edward softly
   “No, I was going to ask anyway” I climbed into bed. Edward glanced at me sharply, as he slid off the bed and knelt to pray, but he just knew not to ask.
   “Thy Holy Father, thou art in heaven, please may you take in my Grandfather with a warm heart and take good care of him up there with you,” he was quiet enough as it was and I was straining to hear him but he lowered his voice further so although more indistinct I still heard him. I think he thought I was asleep so he continued with his prayer, “also, God, please watch over my sister and guide her through this difficult spot. She never asked to have these visions but you have given them to her for a reason. No matter how good the reason is, please make it easier for her, make her life easier. Amen.” He walked around the bed and got in the other side. He fell asleep almost immediately but I stayed awake for a while longer the pillow getting soaked by my fresh tears. Fresh tears because of my brother’s belief and love for me was overwhelming. He loved me so much he was praying to God to help me. He was praying to a God who’d let Grampy die. He was praying to a God I no longer believed in.

The End

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