The Wise Woman.Mature

For the next few hours Vi showed me all the preparations that were being done for the baby, talking proudly about the things her brothers and father had been making for it, saying how much she wanted a brother even though they were a pain because if it was a girl she wouldn’t be her father’s only princess anymore. She also went on about her mother giving her the responsibility of being the lady of the house so she will be prepared for the few days after the birth when her mother needed rest.
   When we finally finished talking about anything connected to the baby we went downstairs. As we entered the living room to see Mrs. Brigant, she wasn’t alone. Beside her was an elderly woman. The woman indicated that we should be quiet if we wished to say. Vi inclined her head respectfully so I followed suit and we went to sit on the couch. I looked at Vi questioningly. The room was dimly lit with candles surrounding Mrs. Brigant and she was breathing deeply. She looked so calm and peaceful.
   “Our family believes strongly in a good and healthy birth,” Vi said under her breath, so quietly I strained to hear her, “We believe, like anyone, to have a healthy birth; the whole pregnancy must be healthy. We do whatever we can to ensure this. My mother has hired a wise woman to help her keep calm and relax. That way, a miscarriage is less likely and my mother is storing her energy so she is strong for the actual giving birth. The wise woman here is called Sylvia, she is lighting scented candles that help keep negative energies away and purify the air Mother is breathing in. My father only allows the best into this house and Sylvia is the best at what she does, we don’t actually know that for a fact but she has an aura about her, I’m sure you know what I mean.”
   I did know what Vi meant, as she was talking, I’d been watching the wise woman. On the outside she looked like a poor, frail, elderly lady but I saw around her some sort of magic. I mean I could physically see it! Magic, genuine magic, practically oozing from her. I thought this was what Vi had meant but I think she meant that you could sense the power emanating from her, not see it.
   Sylvia appeared to be finishing her preparations and steps out of the circle of candles. She turned to face us and studied me carefully for the first time since we’d entered the room. A look of surprised crossed her face before something that seemed to be a smile settled on the wise face.
   “Greetings to you, Violet Brigant,” the wise woman said and dipped her hand in a substance of some sort. She drew a circle with a line through on Vi’s forehead. Vi seemed to be familiar with the process. Then she turned to me again, “but who is your friend, Violet Brigant? I have not seen her face before”
   “This is my best friend: Willow Masen, Wise Woman,” Vi answered, “She does not scorn your magic’s”
   “Has she told you this?”
   Vi seemed stumped for a moment before answering, “No, Wise Woman, she has not told me this but Willow is not disrespectful to anyone. She respects anyone and whatever they follow whether it is Christianity or magic”
   “You must be careful when speaking for others, Violet Brigant, remember that”
   Vi nodded to the woman, “I will not forget, Wise Woman” Sylvia nodded in approval before turning to face me. That strange ghost smile was back.
   “Your name is Willow Masen?” she asked me
   “It is, Wise Woman,” I replied
   “Have you ever seen anyone like me before?”
   “No, Wise Woman”
   “Do you know what I am?”
   “Yes, Wise Woman,” I replied startling myself and Vi. Vi looked at me sharply and Sylvia chuckled
   “Maybe you should consider joining us,” Sylvia said, “You would be most welcome I am sure. Tell me can you see my magic,” she asked with deliberate emphasis on the ‘see’
   “Yes, Wise Woman,” I had to answer and Vi was looking more disturbed by the minute.
   Sylvia nodded. She had already known my answer, “What are you, Willow Masen?” she demanded
   “With all respect, Wise Woman, that is irrelevant” Vi sucked in a shocked breath at my coldness… and answer.
   “You may think that, Willow Masen, but it is not true. You are an unusual one without doubt,” Sylvia turned and dipped her hand again in the substance and drew a circle with a swirl in the centre on my head before dividing it in half as she had with Vi, “but even your name is one of magic. A Willow is greatly respected in our world. You will grow up to be great. You will be a leader in the supernatural community, your name foretells it, and you shall be powerful. No one in the history gone and the history to come will be your equal. You may leave now, Violet Brigant and Willow Masen. Speak my words I have just said to no one” Sylvia turned back to Mrs. Brigant and began chanting. Vi gripped my arm and dragged me from the room all the way to the bathroom so we could clean our foreheads.
   “What on earth was that about?” Vi demanded
   “I have no idea. She is one crazy lady”
   Vi sighed, “Fine I get you don’t want to talk about it so I won’t pressure you but please tell me what she meant by you knowing what she is”
   “Sorry, Vi, but my gut is telling me I shouldn’t tell you if I want any chance of her leaving me alone”
   As we left the bathroom, the boys trudged in so while they went to wash Violet and I went outside just as the wise woman was leaving. While waiting for a cab, she kept looking at me which really got on my nerves. Why couldn’t she stop staring? Vi was noticing her looking as well and was frowning at me. Eventually Sylvia’s cab came and she put her luggage in before coming over to me. Both Vi and I tensed. Sylvia leaned down to whisper in my ear, which I was really uncomfortable with because she was much too close, “Don’t put off joining us until it’s too late, Night, we can help you” she moved away from me nodded to both of us then turned and swept to the cab. She climbed in and it drove away. Violet and I sat in silence for a while.
   “What’s so special about you?” she burst out suddenly. I jumped from shock, I’d gotten used to the silence. I’d known that Violet had been contemplating something but I didn’t know that she’d been becoming increasingly jealous. Violet was the only girl who’d never turned her back on me when everyone else had because they were envious of me for one reason or another. Not Vi though, never Vi, I’d thought but here she was practically going green with jealousy.
   “What?” I said hoping I was wrong, hoping it was just my imagination.
   Violet sneered at me, “I said ‘What’s so special about you?’ you’re as ordinary as me! Our position in society is exactly the same! Boys are interested in me equally as you, we have the same intelligence. Everything about us is the same other than our features specifically! Oh wait,” she said nastily, “I have something you don’t! A family that loves me and adores me! Especially my father! I should be getting the attention not you!” I was shocked. Violet’s plan worked, she’d hit a sensitive spot, my father’s lack of affection and my mother wanting to be distant from me. I’d only ever told Violet about those things, not in detail, but I’d told her now she threw that trust back in my face, using those things to hurt me, but I wasn’t one to just take abuse and do nothing I also wasn’t one to cry.
   “I don’t want the attention you know! I don’t want to be treated different! Just because not everyone can be as stuck up as you! At least I don’t chase after boys when there’s no way they are going to be interested in me!” Violet gasped and tears sprung to her eyes. May God forgive me for what I did but I wasn’t going to take it back.
   “Leave,” she hissed, “Leave and don’t bother coming back! Not even if Edward comes!”
   “Don’t worry,” I snarled back, “I won’t, I’m not one to go where I’m not wanted” I stood up and turned on my heel intending to call Edward and leave. Before I’d even taken five steps though I spun back around and gazed at her.
   “What?” she growled
   “I trusted you,” I said, “I trusted you with my secrets but more than that I trusted you to be my friend and you didn’t even do that” I turned and continued on my way. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Brigant answered it.
   “Well, hello Willow, dear. What can I do for you?”
   “I think that it’s time Edward and I were leaving,” I said keeping my voice smooth and even, “It’s getting on for four thirty and we need to walk back”
   “Of course, love,” Mrs. Brigant smiled, not suspecting a thing, “Edward, honey,” she called over her shoulder, “Willow says that you need to be getting back” I heard Edward’s voice and a moment later he came bounding down the stairs. Mrs. Brigant turned to smile at him as he opened his mouth to contradict my decision to leave now. Then he saw my face. Edward knows me better than anyone he was the only person in the world who wouldn’t be fooled by my façade. While everyone else saw my face calm and cool, perfectly smooth and expressionless he saw my tension, the turmoil inside me.
   “Sure I’m coming, Willow, I’ll just get my shoes,” Edward said matching my nonchalance perfectly. He got his shoes on and we thanked Mrs. Brigant called our goodbyes to the boys and set on our way. When we had left their driveway Edward bombarded me with questions.
   “What’s up?” he demanded to know
   “Nothing,” I replied
   “Sure,” he rolled his eyes, “I could the tension around you is suffocating me. Tell me what’s wrong”
   “Everything!” I burst out, “Everything is wrong! Violet is jealous of and hates me because some Wise Woman took an interest in me, Grampy won’t listen to my warning and I have these super freaky vi-” I cut off what I was saying.
   “Warning?” Edward repeated alarmed, “What warning?”
   “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it, I don’t want you to stress about my problems” Edward knew when not to push me
   “What about Violet? She’s jealous of you because some crazy witch took an interest in you? Who’d be jealous of that?”
   “You can’t call her that!”
   “Why not? Papa calls all ‘wise women’ that”
   I rolled my eyes before answering. “Because it’s disrespectful, that’s why not”
   “Fine, if it pleases you,” Edward conceded, “Now tell me, was Violet mean to you?”
   “Yes, but to be fair I was mean to her too”
   “Who was mean first?” I didn’t answer immediately
   “She was,” I mumbled eventually
   “I see. I should turn around and beat her senseless. No one is mean to my sister and gets away with it!”
   “No! Edward you can’t beat someone up! Violence isn’t the answer, Violet and I just need to spend some time apart, that’s all” Edward looked disappointed he loved action and a break from routine.
   “If you’re sure, but if she is mean again I’m making no promises as to what I’ll do”
   “Edward, touch her and I won’t talk to you for a whole year! No favors either!”
   “You fight dirty”
   “You bet I do. Now promise me you’ll let me deal with my own problems” Edward didn’t say anything, “Now Edward!” He scowled at me.
   “I promise I will not interfere unless you ask it of me”
   “Thank you now let’s go home”
   We finished our walk in silence. A stony and sullen silence on Edward’s part a thoughtful contemplative one on mine. I thought about all that happened today wondering which part had been the worst. After a long thorough analysis of today’s events I decided on the most unlikely one. Being told by Sylvia I should join her and her friends.
   Join her and the other followers of her faith.
   Join her and the witches, those with true magic.
   Join her and be a Wiccan.

The End

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