Onyx Eyes.Mature

Edward ambushed me on my way to see Momma in the living room. He had been on his way there himself, he had his outdoor clothes on which could only mean one thing; he wanted to see the Brigant children. They were our neighbors and our families were very close. Mr. and Mrs. Brigant were a young couple, younger than Momma and Father but only by a few years. They had three children, two boys and a girl. The eldest was Felix Brigant he was twelve, then it was Violet (my best friend) who was ten like Edward and I and finally it was little Thomas Brigant who was only six. Their mother is with child again and the baby is due in September, two months away.
   Edward was very fond of the Brigant boys and they often played together while Vi and I talk and giggle and be all girly. Well, Vi is very girly and giggly; I’m not one for giggles. She says that I am too serious but she always sticks up for me. Our Mommas say we are joined at the hip. Vi says she would trust me with her life and has told me her deepest secret. She tells me she’s in love with my brother and that when they are older she wants to marry him. I’ve not told a soul, but I certainly do not like the fact Violet has a crush on Edward. I would want someone who truly loves him to be with him, someone who is beautiful inside and cares about him, someone who I would be proud to call my sister and although Vi is my best friend she is someone easily infatuated, she ‘falls in love’ with someone new everyday coinciding with her fancying Edward.
   “Excellent glad I found you,” Edward immediately said, “come with me to get permission to go to the Brigants place, please? I have some homework so she’ll say no to me on my own, but Momma never refuses you. Please, Willow, please?”
   I rolled my eyes “Do you promise to do your homework as soon as we return?”
   “Yes, I promise”
   “Alright then, come on”
   “Thanks, Willow”
   We set off down the hallway, falling easily into step with each other, mimicking one another’s movements. As we reach the living room we paused briefly glancing at each other before nodding. I raised my hand and knocked gently.
   “Come in,” Momma’s voice floated to us.
   We entered the room, Edward going first, and Momma was sitting in her chair, sowing.
   “Hello, Momma,” Edward and I said simultaneously, causing Momma to laugh softly
   “Yes, sweethearts?” Edward peeked at me giving me the go ahead. I rolled my eyes.
   “We were wondering if we could go to visit the Brigants for a few hours, if it’s alright with you,” I asked innocently and smoothly. Nothing fools Momma; she knew that Edward had asked me for him because she gave a knowing smile. She also knows I just couldn’t say no to him.
   “What about your homework, Edward?” He shifted uneasily.
   “I promised Willow I’d do it as soon as we get back” he answered.
   Momma looked at us for a moment longer, but then smiled at us, “Alright, you monkeys. Be back by five if they don’t kick you out.” We rushed up to her, we were so happy this was the longest we were allowed to go round there. I glanced at the clock. Whoopee! She’d given us six hours! We smothered her in kisses, thanking her over and over. I assured her I would change out of this dress and put on my usual day wear while Edward assured her he would wait for me. We both rushed from the room and I ran up the stairs.
   “Don’t dawdle,” Edward called after me I just rolled my eyes at him, again, before calling to Sophia. Sophia helped me change in record time. I love Sophia she’s just eighteen but she is my other best friend along with Violet, although sometimes she’s more like an older sister. I chose her to hire two years ago when Momma told me that I was getting old enough to need a maid to help me dress. I’ve asked her if she has ever resented me for employing her when she could go somewhere that pays more. She told me no because I was a little fairy and wonderful to work for and so because I am no effort at all she feels she is almost stealing the money from my parents. She is the only servant or worker in this house that didn’t call me ‘Mistress’. She had at first but then I told her firmly, allowing no contradictions that under no circumstances would my friends or family call me ‘Mistress Willow’ and she was most definitely my friend and as good as family to me. It was the only time I had given her an order and she had stuck to it. Now she calls me ‘Willow Fairy’ or ‘Pixie’ because I seem to be from another world according to her.
   I rushed back downstairs surprising Edward with my own speed, I seldom run since my dresses hinder me anyway. I grabbed my outdoor boots and together me and Edward called our goodbyes to Momma and left the house.
   We walked to the Brigants. When we got there before we could knock, Violets voice was shouting to someone, “It’s the Masen Twins! Willow and Edward! Come on you two! We haven’t seen them since their birthday!” Edward and I grinned at one another as Vi flung open the door. “Willow,” she squealed and threw herself at me hugging me tightly as Felix and Thomas run out closely followed by their heavily pregnant mother.
   “Hello, Edward. Good morning, Willow. Nice to see you,” Mrs. Brigant greeted us, smiling warmly.
   “A pleasure to see you, Mrs. Brigant,” I responded, with my own smile, on both Edward’s and mine behalves.
   “Can we play in the garden, please Mother?” Felix asked
   “Of course. How long are you here for, Willow?” Mrs. Brigant asked as the boys ran off, Edward in the lead, yelling after one another.
   “Momma says the latest we can stay is five unless we must leave beforehand”
   “Oh good! We have so much to discuss! They can stay until then right, Mother?” Violet pleaded.
   “It’s always a delight to have the Masens here,” Mrs. Brigant winked at me, “nice to have peace and quiet because your all so distracted the longer the twins stay, the better” I laughed at that and curtsied slightly;
   “Happy to be of service ma’am” I grinned at her and she laughed.
   “Thank you, Mother,” Vi said impatiently, “Come on, Willow, I need to talk to you” she tugged at my arm pulling me around the house, towards the garden.
   “Bye, Mrs. Brigant,” I called behind me.
   The boys were already playing football. The Brigant’s was the same as ours; it’s very large like a field the grass perfectly cut. At the very end of the garden, out of sight from the house, is a small stream that runs by all the houses, it’s surrounded by trees which all the children, including myself, love to climb in. In our garden there were mostly Weeping Willows, in which I am named after because Momma first spotted my Father while sitting under the branches of a Willow tree, hidden by the leaves and was smitten at once. She hid herself every day after that by the tree until my Father decided he wanted to sit by the river in which the tree was situated and noticed Momma’s movement as she actually sat in the tree. Then, ta-da he fell in love with her and married her one year later. Now is that not cliché for you?
   It was the stream and Vi’s favorite Oak tree she was directing me to now. When we reached it automatically we began to climb and sat ourselves upon our favorite branch about seven feet from the ground, letting our feet dangle below us. I waited patiently for her to begin, I knew when she started she would get straight to the point and it would be the usual ‘I saw a really handsome guy today. I wish he would ask Papa for my hand’ or ‘I think I am going to tell Edward I love him. What do you think?’ Our conversations were fairly tiresome to me.
   “Willow,” she began, “I can trust you as you know but what I am telling you is absolutely secret, you can’t breathe a word. Don’t even think about it. No one will test your honor to keep your word than I will now. Can you do that?”
   “Of course” I said slightly startled, she’d never said this before, she’d never been this serious, “How about I give you my oath that I will keep this a secret unless I feel it is vital to speak it, you in case there is a danger or something”
   “Fine, that sounds reasonable. Especially when there is no danger”
   “You think,” I said under my breath, so quiet she wouldn’t hear, because I had this horrible feeling there was a danger and that Violet was about to unknowingly tell me of it.
   “Well, the thing is while we were away, you know out of state,” I nodded. The Brigants had to go away because Mr. Brigant went to a conference and required his family to stand beside him, “Well, while we were there, there was a very young man there. He looked about twenty-two and everyone knew him, I think his name was William something”
   “What’s so important? Did you like him? Is that it?”
   Vi laughed, but slightly bitterly which was a first for her, “I think every woman and girl who saw him liked him! He was terribly beautiful, I mean really beautiful, almost other worldly, and he was the palest thing you ever did see,” I suddenly felt cold.
   “Describe him further, please,” I requested reluctantly.
   “Um, well he was tall, about six feet tall, and dark haired”
   “Didn’t you notice anything else other than that?” I demanded rather rudely, I’m ashamed to say.
   “Jeesh, why does it matter so much?”
   “If you didn’t think it mattered you wouldn’t have said anything. Why are you telling me, anyway?” I asked trying to control my impatience.
   “Because he and my Father have worked together in the past and he did my Father a favor so he told Father that he would supply him with some workers but he needs to train them so they won’t come for a few years yet. Father said he couldn’t wait that long so this William is coming here in the meantime and I wanted to ask you if, when you see him, you could tell me if I should bother going after him”
   “I see. You wouldn’t mind being with him even though he’s about twelve years older than you?” I asked
   “Age isn’t important to my Father, just wealth and position. Oh, and if I’m happy of course, Papa says I’m his princess so my opinion matters too”
   “I see,” I repeated, “Well, I guess I can give you some advice if you want me to” Vi threw her arms around me again.
   “Thank you, Willow, you’re the best,” she said. I patted her on the back and she released me, “Come on let’s get down before the boys find us and try to make us fall”
   “Edward wouldn’t do that to me,” I said
   “He wouldn’t, but my brothers would,” so we proceeded to climb down from the tree. When we were safely on the ground we brushed ourselves down, one more question occurred to me.
   “The William man, did you notice what color eyes he had?” I inquired nervously.
   “Hm… Let me think… I am fairly sure he had black eyes, like onyxes,” she laughed, “and there was hunger in them. He appeared very hungry,” Violet continued laughing as she set off to the house. I was frozen in place with horror. Black eyes. Hungry. What had Grampy done? He asks if anything strange has happened to me and now my world was being turned upside down. Oh, hell (God forgive me for saying that) I had had another dream, another vision. In it were four inhumanly beautiful people, except they weren’t people or human. Three of them had red glowing eyes and held a body of a human in their grasp those three had been draining the person’s blood, they were so absorbed in their feeding that they didn’t notice me. The fourth of the beautiful beings had been standing back in the shadows so I couldn’t see him clearly but he seemed to be having an internal battle, trying to resist sucking the human’s blood like his companions. He had raised his eyes from the scene and looked right at me. It was then I had woken up, but not before I noticed that his eyes were black, like onyxes. I shuddered. During the dream one word echoed in my head- the name of the creatures.
   I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts, I hadn’t noticed Vi had been talking to me until she was right beside me and waving a hand back and forth in front of my face.
   “Hello! Earth to Willow! Is anybody there? What is up with you? Are you ignoring me? Hey!” Vi was babbling very loudly in my ear. I shook my head.
   “Sorry, Vi, I was just thinking about a weird dream I had and switched off, you know what I mean” I laughed though it was strained
   “No, not really. Are sure you’re alright, Willow? You look kind of strange”
   “Yes, I’m fine,” I murmured, “Let’s go watch the boys play football”
   “Alright,” Vi said warily then brightened, “Or we could go inside and I can show you what I am knitting for the baby. Me, knitting, who would’ve thought it,” Vi giggled and I joined in. Vi often said she wouldn’t be caught dead knitting because she hated it so much
   “Not me, that’s for sure,” laughing hard we made our way up to the house. My laughter was slightly hysterical and my heart was still beating hard in my chest. I didn’t know this William but I was sure that when he arrived then everything, everything, was going to change.

The End

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