The Masens.Mature

   There were four Masens on Rowland Court. The family was wealthy, one of the richest in Chicago. But then, you’d have to be to live on Rowland Court.
   Edward Masen Sr. was a business man. He had several businesses over the state and also owned two or three cargo ships, where all the money came from. He was very handsome with professionally cut black hair and serious brown eyes. He always wore expensive clothes and so was very well dressed. Also, Mr. Masen was, quite obviously, well known.
   His wife was Elizabeth Masen. She was the daughter of John and Marie Williamson. Elizabeth was very beautiful with unusual bronze coloured hair and gorgeous emerald eyes. Practically, everyone in Chicago knew Elizabeth Masen for her warm-heart and kind soul. Everything about her was pure. She was one of those people always ready with a smile to brighten your day.
   Then there were the twins. Willow Elizabeth Masen and Edward Anthony Masen Jr. Both children had inherited their mother’s eyes and reddish-brown hair. They had also inherited her purity and beauty but multiplied it, intensified it. Although they were both stunning, it was Willow who was more so. She had breathtaking beauty. Her naturally pale skin intensified her beauty. Although they were the same age, Willow seemed older in her maturity. She was also fiercely protective of her brother, constantly watching out for anything that might hurt him and putting herself between them. Both had many admirers but mostly people were jealous. They had beauty, charms, money, popularity, intelligence but most of all each other. They weren’t interested in anyone in a different way to their friends and didn’t love anyone more than they loved each other.
   The Masens lived at 14A in Rowland Court. They had a cook, several scullery maids, personal servants and a house-keeper as well as a gardener.
   Mr. Masen travelled a lot to visit his various businesses and so was rarely home. Edward was at a boarding school most of the year. It was a private school, the best in the state. However Mr. Masen did not pay for Willow to go to school. Instead Elizabeth taught her daughter domestic chores and house-wife-y things such as sowing. Willow had talented fingers and her work was consistently delicate and neat. She was also a great musician and played the piano perfectly. She had very long, slender fingers which couldn’t be any more appropriate for the piano. She also had a sweet, tuneful voice and so sang beautifully. As you have probably gathered, Willow was extraordinarily talented and perfect in almost every way.
   Edward was also a good pianist he often played while Willow sang and they would compose and write songs together. He did wonderfully at school. He was a fast runner and sensitive to the thoughts of those around him but he was a bit naïve to his own family. He thought his family was perfect. He had a father who brought him presents every time he came home, a mother always there to hug him and make him smile and a sister who was so full of love, wit and insight. He never thought anything could go wrong, or was wrong. It simply never crossed his mind that his sister could change so radically and that the love she was so filled with could dissipate so suddenly or that his father and sister could be filled with so much hate if they wanted to. He merely took it for granted, especially that love and adoration his sister held for him...

The End

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