Black Night.Mature

I've decided to put the Prologue of my story only on here. My friend, AK, suggested I describe the surroundings but I couldn't find an appropriate place to slot that in. My story is sort of a fan fiction, based in Edward Cullen's human life. The main character is Willow Masen, Edward's sister, it is written from her perspective although the prologue isn't. The story is written in American. For those who don't like Twilight, you probably won't like this much although a lot of the story is totally


There was something strange about the baby. The youngest man in the room was the only one who still looked at her with distain, though. The baby girl did not cry, but had its eyes wide open. They were much too aware. Her mother was smiling a huge great smile which caused the remaining pain on her face to evaporate completely. The new mother was holding her baby in her arms. She was lying on the bed of her room in her parent's home. It was a double bed surrounded by the baby's grandfather and grandmother. There were also; the midwife, the mother's brother, some servants and the mother's true love - the young man. They were intending to marry as soon as possible so no one would know how the baby was truly conceived. Everyone seemed drawn to look in the baby's eyes, everyone except the young man. He hated the child. He didn't even try to like it, let alone love it. 'It' was what he would always think of her as later on, all through her life, all because of what happened  next - which, consequently, made him loathe her all the more.

"Oh my!" gasped the midwife.

Everyone could see it but no one could look away from her eyes. They were all trapped in her gaze. With the exception of the man; still, even he couldn't miss what was happening.

The baby was smiling, one astonishing, stunning and toothless smile. As she smiled, though, a black aura was emanating from her like the outline of a pencil drawing. The aura seemed to become more intense momentarily before entering her, almost as if her skin was absorbing it. The baby gasped, in shock and pain, which might have been comical, had her eyes not turned black after the aura was 'absorbed'. They were completely black. The whites of her eyes and the iris', as well as the  pupil, were all black, as black as the night. A sure sign of evil or black magic and all of them knew it made no difference. All of them looking into her eyes knew they would always love her - no matter how evil she was. The baby blinked and the black was gone leaving the baby's eyes normal once more. No one said anything; they either didn't know what to say or were incapable of speech. They just continued to gaze, silently, into the depths of the baby girl's eyes.

They were the color green.

Such a beautiful color.

The exact same color as her mother's.

The End

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