Black Night

A younge boy, who happens to be a were wolf. Turned against his will, finds the girl of his dreams, with a little trouble along the way!

The floor boards moaned under the feet of the new visitor. This house has known these feet before, so it was no surprise to anything that this man was inside.

Not really man, more boy. Or, maybe young man. But- not man. Not in any universe would this boy be seen as a man.

His boyish face gave that away.

His small nose, and checks with the still roundness of a child. His eyes, blue, wide with fright as he crept.

He was not tall, or short. He needn't be any of that, though many looked down 
upon him for being so ordinary.

You see, this town, small town... That he lived in, looked up to the people, who where beautiful, strong, agile, smart, and cunning.

He was none of these things. He was exceptionally ordinary. With the features that gave nothing of adulthood, except for the eyes, of coarse.

His eyes held the look of a full grown man. Not in the way you'd expect in this small boy.

He crept along the floor, watching everywhere, listening. He looked around the corner of the long hallway, making sure there was no one that could catch him, or see him for that matter.

But, he wasn't creeping from someone, he was creeping from something.

There was a thump on the floor behind him.

He turned, and screamed as the monster sprang for his throat. 

The End

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