New Magik

Sarah Winson has strange powers and is labelled a freak at school. She has a strange vision and is suddenly swept into the magical world of Meraia.

Sarah looked around. She did not recognise this place. The hedges looked overgrown and there was a lone path heading out of the forest. The trees were skyscrapers in this city of nature and the branches sealed away any part of the sky that could be seen. It was dark and cold. All was quiet, too quiet. Sarah began to observe her surroundings. "Hello?" Her thin voice drifted in the air for awhile before fading away entirely. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest as she looked around carefully. All of a sudden, the bushes rustled. Sarah spun around, her eyes wide with fear and her breath hitched in her throat. A tall foreboding figure stepped out of the shadows. The long violet coat swept after him as he hurried down the dusty path. Stopping in front of a rundown cottage in the middle of nowhere, he glanced left and right surreptitiously before swinging open the door silently. He glided into the cottage and the darkness swallowed him. The door creaked as it closed and the last that Sarah saw were two eerily-bright jade eyes peering through the darkness.

The End

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