An assassin layed on a bed in the hospital, typing a message. The other wearily waited for Yuri. Ghost finished typing on his laptop and asked "How does this look?"

Reaper grinned "Maybe we will be alright."

Ghost bit his lip "You still haven't told me why you dug me out after kicking me out a window."

Reaper grinned wider "Helicopters cost a lot."

"Why am I at fault for a crazed man shooting a rocket at you?"

"I seem to remember you messing up the first time, leading the target to the stadium."

"His men were high!"

Reaper pointed at the morphine filled iv "Like you aren't!"

Ghost yelled "I still managed to type a message up!"

"On Facebook!"

Reaper sprang forwards and fought with Ghost for the laptop, yelling "I will type the message!"

A nurse walked into the room, looking horrified at the Russian. Ghost laughed and let go of the laptop, smiling. The nurse asked "What were you two talking about?"

Reaper smiled and hesitantly said "I have never had so much fun with someone so high!"

The nurse raised an eyebrow and left. Reaper snatched the laptop out of Ghosts hands and started typing. Worn letters on the back said Yuris Laptop, Do Not Touch!


To: Wikileaks 

From: Anonymous

Audio File Attachment

I am sending this message in the hopes that we may be free. Please publish it on the 21st of January, when we send this audio file to every news corporation in America. The resulting controversy will help us.



The End

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