Back Up PlanMature


"Hey Kid," Knight chuckled as a light hissing noise began to fill the room. Blood was still pouring from his shoulder, pooling in a growing puddle. "Do me at least one favor, huh? Show a little style with this one. Don't end it quick. Give me more than five bullets. I'm the Black Light director. I deserve something a little more fancy." I snarled at the man and shoved my pistol in his throat. Ghost followed my lead, tears were bordering in his eyes. Knight still managed to smile with the two barrels in his mouth. Just as I pulled the trigger, all the lights exploded and electricity shut off. I jerked my head around the suddenly dark room, EMP...dammit! 

Ghost began coughing and covered his mouth as the gas began filling the room, I had to get out with the recording. What Ghost didn't know was I always had a back up plan, call it insurance, in case the shit hit the fan. An EMP resistant phone rested in one of my pants pockets. I coved my mouth with the collar from my shirt and looked around the room, the window! I raised my pistol to the window behind Knight's desk. The glass shattered outward, leaving a large enough opening to escape. Ghost moved for the window but I shoved the barrel of my pistol in his head. His eyes snapped to me, they were mixed with to many emotions to name. 

"I knew after all this you'd fuck me over just like you promised in Mogadishu. You're one fucking asshole Reaper!" I inwardly chuckled at Ghost, fighting even when it looked like the end. 

"You always were to emotional Ghost," I laughed. Immediately I slammed a combat boot into his back, throwing the Australian out the window. Without waiting a second, I followed after, climbing down the side of the building instead of falling. There was a building roof only three stories down that Ghost had fallen on, he was groaning and shouting as he clutched his leg, it was broken. An explosion rocked the building where Knight's office had been. 

"REAPER! YOUR A FUCKING BASTARD!" Ghost shouted. The building above began to collapse in tossing rubble around us. I threw him over my shoulder and moved over to a large rooftop stairway door. Kicking it open, I ran inside. The building collapsed around us in a cacophony of cement, steel, and office decorations. 


I couldn't remember when I had blacked out, but when I woke I was greeted by darkness. Was I dead? What a shitty way of dying, I was at least hoping to die somewhere nice. A noise caught my attention, breathing, who the hell? Then the recollection of the building collapsing returned to me. I still had to escape the rubble with the phone and Ghost. I couldn't exactly place what made me save the guys life, maybe what Yuri said was right. The bile in my stomach turned at the idea but I set it aside, Priorities.  Sirens began to wail above us, emergency crews. I began to claw at the rubble above pushing pieces of debris away till I could see a sliver of light. I looked to Ghost, he was still unconscious and with his broken leg I'd have to drag him out. 

The sirens were now at their loudest, shouting voices mixed in between. A few dogs began barking above us. I began digging at the light, more and more bits of broken building falling away until there was a man sized hole. My hands reached for the world pulling myself out from the premature grave. The dog who had been barking hurried away to it's handler. With a better view, I could see Ghost he was bleeding from a gash on his head. Reaching down I grabbed the scruff of his collar and began pulling him out. His breathing was shallow but it was there. Come on Ghost, I thought trying to bring him back to consciousness. 

"Hey fucker! You're not dead yet!Quit being a bitch and wake up!" I shouted at his face. Ghost's eye lids fluttered weakly, finally opening and looking up at me dazed and confused. 

"I thought you'd shoot me." he managed in a hoarse voice. I picked Ghost up, slinging one arm over over my shoulder. 

"Black Light doesn't  exist any more. Technically, my mission doesn't exist either." Ghost gave me a incredulous look, he didn't believe me and honestly I only half believed myself. We moved out of the rubble and chaos onto a nearby lawn, moving for a road where cars were parked.

"It's over anyways," Ghost spat "Knight wiped all the information." I chuckled. "What the fuck are you laughing at? He growled.

"After having me tail you in Mogadishu and working with me all this time you'd think you'd learn something." Ghost shook his head and gave me a confused look. Out of my pocket I pulled the cell phone. "EMP resistant and it holds enough information to blow open NATO's little operation into the stratosphere." 

"And how do you plan to get it to the News without it getting censored?" Ghost asked as I let him lean on a car. "Well," I paused looking around and entering the car "I haven't thought that far ahead. I figured I'd wing it." My hands moved deftly through all the wiring under the steering wheel, a few sparks later the car trembled to life. Ghost winced as he limped over to where I was. 

"I think I have an Idea," he said grinning. 

The End

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