Lights Are OnMature

The room seemed to be stuck in time. Ghost swallowed, his jaw clenched and asked "I never knew you?"

Sarah shook her head and replied as if talking to a child "You never will."

Reaper growled "The door behind us is bullet proof and intact until agents arrive. We're at a Mexican Stand Of Ghost."

Bald Eagle turned to Ghost and grinned "Everything in this building is EMP resistant. More so then any electronic device on you, which is now off. You can give the world proof that you were NATOs arm."

Ghost blinked rapidly "Arm?"

Sarah chuckled "An arm is a hired extension that can't be traced back. No one could trace you back to NATO and your target was about to cause a war large enough for NATO to eventually be involved. Even the men that contacted you had no idea why your target needed to die."

Ghost spat "Why the fuck did you come after us?! I didn't even know what was going on and he didn't have any proof!"

Eagle with utmost loathing stated "The US government doesn't leave any players on the field that can black mail future operations."

The Australians gun lowered a few inches in Sarahs direction and his breathing increased.

Reaper yelled "GHOST, FOCUS!"

Eagle yelled and stood up, drawing Reapers gun "YOU KILLED ONE OF MY BEST MEN!"

Ghost watched Sarahs left foot tap faster and two of her fingers slid slowly around her back. He pleaded "Sarah, if you ever felt anything for me, stop."

She pulled a gun out, aiming at Reaper. Ghost hesitantly fired a round into her throat, the shot echoing loudly. Sarah choked and fell down, suffocating. Another round discharged, blowing apart her skull. His stomach clenched and his eyes watered.

Eagles fists clenched and a look of rage covered his face. His eyes went misty at the thought of vengeance escaping. He screamed "WE HIRE WH-"

Ghost pivoted and fired a round into Eagles shoulder, throwing him backwards onto the carpet. Reaper looked at Ghost as if to say how long did you know her? He then said "Lights are on, we have to get this done."



The End

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