The two agents laughed and Reaper looked at Ghost with wide eyes. The Aussie moved his left hand behind his back, slowly grabbing his silenced pistol. Reaper quickly hugged Ghost, whispering "No, no don't!"

An agent laughed "I know you two are excited, but really?"

Ghost growled "They know where she is!"

The Russian stated "They're on a suicide mission, they'll have cyanide!"

The agents started walking towards the two, hollering questions. Reaper mumbled "You talk and we'll follow them to their headquarters."

Ghost gently pushed Reaper away and moved his hand away from his gun. He walked to the agents and shook their hands, tipping his hat down. The Aussie said in an American accent "Haha, we almost died! So, are we heading back to headquarters?"

A blond agent on the right gleefully nodded "As soon as we get the bodies, you two take pictures?"

Reaper tapped Ghosts hand and walked to the two dead agents. Ghost mumbled "Yeah, he's got them on his phone. We'll take them in our ride and you two will buy us a round."

The blond agent laughed "Done deal Frank! By the way, the local police have secured the perimeter. Just hide your faces outside and we'll be good."

Reaper dragged two dressed up bodies with torn faces right beside Ghost and dropped one of the bodies. The Aussie grabbed the body and the two assassins dragged them outside. Reaper pressed the remote started on the dead agents keys and a blue van started. They threw the bodies into the back and followed the other agents for eight hours.

The drive ended and they found themselves at Black Lights headquarters. They drove into a slanted tunnel, finding themselves in an underground parking structure. Reaper groaned and grabbed one of the dead bodies, cutting out it's eye. Ghost said "WOO, W-"

The Russian held up a hand and pulled the eyeball out. He then proceeded to remove a hand, grabbing pieces of shrapnel out of his pocket. Reaper slid each piece of shrapnel carefully into the stump, roughening the cut as much as possible. Ghost whispered "What the bloody hell are you doing?!"

Reaper stated "They'll have scanners for your eyes and your hands. We only need one eye and one hand to get past. All that we need to do is cover up against any cameras, then we're in."

The door to their van opened and they carried the bodies out in bags on carts, the body parts in a sealed duffel bag with their weapons. Reaper walked to a metal door and put the dead agents eyeball against the retinal scanner. Ghost squeezed in beside Reaper and grabbed the hand, slapping it against a finger print scanner. Both scanner went green and the door opened. They both shoved the body parts back into the bag and walked into a massive room. Forty agents walked in between cubicles arranged in aisles and a projector displayed Reaper and Ghosts face on a massive wall. Ghost coughed and slid his hat down. Reaper quickly scanned the room and found a sign saying Morgue. He slid his hat down and tapped Ghosts arm. They slowly walked in between each cubicle, careful to avert each agents gaze. An agonizing eternity passed until the left the room, entering a hallway with signs pointing towards the morgue.

Ghost whispered "Do you think we left blood on the scanners?"

The End

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