What used to be Yuris ford cruised down the highway towards the American border, Ghost driving. The two assassins stared at the road, bored. Reaper asked "How are we getting into the US?"

Ghost answered "We're getting on a train."

"A train?"

"Yeah, a train."

Reaper growled "They search the trains you know."

"Just the conductor and a few dogs sniffing for drugs. We can get past those... you still haven't told me why we're sneaking into the country."

Reaper sighed and stated "They may have taken our photos. All they need to do is match them to our passports."

The two remained silent, driving through the frozen wasteland. A train blitzed across the tracks two hundred meters in front of them, roaring. The truck swerved around a pothole and four holes appeared in the windscreen, shattered glass flying into the cab. Reaper swore and yelled "Follow the train!"

The ford turned right and used the train as a shield from the bullets. The train finished crossing the road and a humvee appeared, following them. A man grabbed the 50 caliber machine gun and aimed. Reaper smiled and grabbed an AT-4 from a bag, aiming out the window at the humvee. Bullets hit the ford and the rocket flew through the air in a spiral, hitting the side of the train. One of the cars blew open, boxes falling out. The humvee accelerated and plowed through the boxes, gaining on the ford. Ghost pulled the e-brake and swung the ford around, facing the humvee. He grabbed his famas and loaded a grenade into it's launcher, tossing it to Reaper. Reaper leaned out the window and fired a grenade. It hit beside the swerving humvee, throwing snow into the air and a lucky piece of shrapnel into the gunners throat. The gunner slumped into the humvee and the driver slammed on the throttle.

Ghost spun the Ford around, accelerating. The Humvee tapped the back right of the Ford, making the truck turn to the right, almost losing control. Reaper dropped the arm of a grenade and counted to four, then tossed it out the window. The grenade exploded on the back end of the humvee, sending it skidding sideways which quickly turned into a roll. 

Reaper yelled "Where did you learn to drive?!"

Ghost laughed "I used to race in Rally."

"In the snow?!"

"This isn't the first time I've been chased in the snow!"

Reaper opened a map on his phone and growled "Follow the tracks, this will lead us straight to Kingston."

The End

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