So you Crashed...?Mature


Yuri and I grinned at each other but said nothing. Ghost was staring grudgingly at Yuri, surprised that he was my behind the scenes weapons dealer. Yuri stood a few inches shorter than Ghost, he was also built like a twig. Shaggy platinum blonde hair hung just above his dull blue eyes.

"So why the visit? Mogadishu to hot for your Russian blood?" Yuri chuckled but stopped after seeing our less than amused stares.

"We need weapons and if you have any spares, a vehicle." I glanced to Ghost who was practically drooling over the large arsenal. Yuri shot me a perturbed look, crossing his arms and drumming his fingers. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled sheepishly, averting my gaze to an AT-4 anti-tank weapon.

"What happened to that Hind I sent you?" He paused then shook his head. "You crashed it didn't you?!"

"Yep," Ghost shouted from across the room, he hoisted a large M249 light machine gun. A growl escaped my throat as I shoved my hands into my pockets.

"I didn't crash, some Sraka hit me with an RPG and we had to make an emergency landing."

"Meaning you crashed." Ghost said chuckling. Yuri grinned, to my displeasure I could tell he liked the Australian. I threw my hands up, giving up the fight and moved to a wall covered in assault rifles. Ak's, M4's ,Tar-21's, XM8's, and more covered the basement wall. My eyes searched through the weapons until I noticed a familiar silhouette. A Barrett Rec7 assault rifle, the weapon I had almost killed Ghost with back in Mogadishu. Your second chance shall come at Black Light, I thought picking up the gun. 

"Modifications?" I asked Yuri over my shoulder. 

"In the crate to your left," he responded, taking a seat on the only couch. The wooden crate had shipping marks in english, russian, arabic, and serbian. I whistled, remembering a few missions in the war torn country. The crates top slid open to reveal suppressors, scopes, lasers, and a multitude of attachments. Finally a tiny camo brown sight caught my eye. Picking it up, I noticed four bold, black letters emblazoned on it's side. MARS, perfect. The MARS red dot sight fit snuggly on the Barret's rail system. Lastly I snatched a  Mk23 mod 0 pistol and KB1213 combat knife from an adjacent table. Slinging the rifle over my shoulder I turned to Ghost who was had chosen his own armament. 

"Interesting friend you have," he said slinging his weapon over his shoulder. I nodded and motioned to Yuri. He didn't move, only digging through his pocket till he found a set of keys and tossed it to me.

"The truck's out in the shed, you can crash this one if you like." I rolled my eyes and handed Ghost the keys.

"Go start the car, I'll be up in 2." He looked at me funny but said nothing, walking up the stairs and out of earshot.

"So that's the infamous Ghost, interesting assassin." I snorted.

"He's no assassin, just a  nuisance. A loose end that still needs to be cut." I racked the assault rifles bolt back, hearing the satisfying sound of a round being chambered. Yuri sighed and began speaking in Russian.

"Reaper, my friend, you can't kill everyone you meet. Especially if they can outwit you by a bit of luck. Let him hang around, from all the comms chatter I've heard you two are quite the team." I turned and started to walk towards the stairs, disgusted at the thought of Ghost and I being a team. 

"You have no more favors left to call," Yuri said his voice monotone "So now you owe me and I collect on my debts Reaper!" A smile twitched at my lips. 

"Go find yourself a good blyad, Mudak. You work too much." With that, I left heading up the stairs, and outside. 

The End

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