Night came and the wind blew snow through the trees, obscuring the road. The two assassins sat in a hijacked car, Reaper driving through the snow storm. Ghost mumbled "Do you even know where you're going?"

Reaper spat "It isn't that difficult!"

Ghost crossed his arms, showing an absolute loathing for the Russian. Slowly, Ghost reached into his pocket and dug out a picture of Sarah, taken from a distance in New York. Reaper somehow caught a glance of the photo and asked "What is that?" The Australian shoved the picture back into his pocket.

"Just a memory."

"Of what?"

Ghost snapped "Fuck off you stupid commie bastard!"

Reaper scowled and intently focused on the road, mumbling a few Russian swears underneath his breath. The car turned right and began climbing a gravel road. Half an hour of silence passed until the car stopped beside a house. Both of the assassins walked out of the car and to the wooden door, ringing the bell. A tall man opened the door and looked at Ghost with suspicion. He asked "What is he doing here?"

Reaper angrily said "He's okay, I think. Yuri, we need weapons."

Yuri smiled and waved the assassins in. Ghost asked "You have a Russian friend in Canada?"

Reaper didn't answer, he quickly walked inside, stomping his snowy feet on the front mat. The Aussie followed and heard Yuri yell "Take your shoes of."

Ghost and Reaper took their shoes of and followed Yuri into the basement. Crates were underneath every table and weapons on racks on every wall. Open boxes of grenades were exposed along with claymores and rocket launchers. Ghost asked Reaper "Is this the bastard that gave you the bloody helicopter?!"


The End

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