Beginning of a TsunamiMature


The inside the charter bus was acrid and stale, cigarette smoke hovering before my eyes. Ghost sat next to me staring out the window at the passing countryside, his eyes occasionally dropping shut for minutes at a time.

"Where are we headed?" Ghost grumbled groggily at me. I didn't look at him, I was sure the moment I told Ghost where we were truly headed he would attempt to kill me. No, for now, general answers would do.

"To see a friend." Ghost eyed me warily, his eyes blood shot from lack of sleep. He growled and looked back out the window, it wasn't the answer he was looking for. I dug into my jacket pocket and retrieved the pistol, since there were no other passengers on the bus I'd be fine. Ghost didn't notice as I quickly disassembled the weapon and then reassembled it. 

"Here," I said dropping the pistol nonchalantly in his lap. Ghost jumped at my voice and looked down at the weapon. "A sign of good faith, keep it." He raised an eyebrow but said nothing pocketing the weapon. The bus jerked slamming my head into the seat before me. I cursed as I rubbed my forehead, feeling blood pulsing beneath the skin. Ghost chuckled, if only he could feel the pain. He wouldn't be laughing. The bus sat, making no effort to continue. I leaned out in the isle and stared out the buses front windshield. 

"We going any time soon?" I shouted to the driver, perturbed at the sudden stop. The squat lady driver turned in her chair glared back at me and spoke in her froggy voice. 

"Car crash is ahead, you're just going to have to shut up and wait." I rolled my eyes and pushed back into my seat, propping my feet on the seat before me. Time crawled by, the ever-so-often car horn blaring in the background. A light tapping sounded lightly at the front of the bus. The driver pulled the lever that opened the door. Compressed air hissed as a gunshot suddenly rang out, making me jump out of my seat. The driver slumped forward as a man with short chocolate colored hair stepped onto the bus, brandishing a MP5 submachine gun. 

"You've got to be kidding?!" The man smiled and pulled the trigger, bullets zinged around the bus causing me to drive behind seats for cover. Ghost slid out of his seat crouching low and cocking the pistol. 

"I'll tackle him you kill him." I shouted to Ghost over the gunfire. The gun man's clip dropped hitting the floor with a distinct 'clink'. Immediately, I leaped out of cover and ran up the isle. The man shooting the sub machine gun tried to hurriedly reload, failing as I slammed into him and pinned him to the ground. The gun clattered, falling into a nearby seat. 

Ghost was right behind me, brandishing the gun in the man's face. 

"Another Black Light agent, how pathetic!" Ghost punched the man in the face. The man coughed blood trickling from a split lip. 

"They'll be more! I'm just the first of many! The director has ensured that you two will be dead by the end of this. You're both fucking dea-" Ghost plugged a shot into the man's head spraying blood across the buses interior. I threw the man's empty husk to the ground. 

"What the hell was he talking about?" I snarled more at the body than Ghost. 

The End

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