Brian layed unconscious on the floor, his eye gouged by his own knife. Ghost threw his clothes on and yelled "Let's go!"

Reaper nodded and grabbed Falcons cell phone, following Ghost out the door. Half an hour passed and Brian woke up screaming. He gingerly cupped his left eye, trying to avoid the pain of it's movement. He slowly reached into his pocket and took his cell phone out, calling Black Light. The director answered the phone, leaving a pause. Brian swallowed and moaned in pain "Sir, they're gone."

The director yelled "What about Falcon?"

Brian looked at Falcons corpse and thought shit, anyone but him! "Dead, along with James, Carter, Je-"

"Do you have any other information?!"

Brian shook his head and slowly walked into the bathroom, blood flowing out of his eye and over his mouth. He groaned "Aahhh, they're traveling without any of our men."

He took his hand of his eye and looked in the bathroom mirror, his cornea looked like a partially shredded hard boiled egg with a thick yellow liquid streaming out. Brians gut clenched and he cried, dropping his cell phone. The director screamed "BRIAN, PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE!" 

He crouched and his right hand grabbed the phone. Brians shaky voice cried "Ye-yeah, I can't tell you anything else! Sir, I need a medivac!"

The director mumbled with resignation "Check Falcons pulse..."

Brian, annoyed, carefully stated "He is definitely dead sir, too much blood loss."

"... a care team is on the way, hang tight. Once you're done, I need your skills back at headquarters."


"We have Sarah."

Brian sighed "Understood sir."

The End

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