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"Welcome to the Crown Plaza Hotel, how may I help you?" a chipper young attendant asked. I growled under my breath, being in no mood for chit-chat. Ghost surveyed the lobby, it was filled with the usual business men and women grabbing a room, if Black Light came after us here there'd be a hell's worth of collateral damage. 

"Just one night," I murmured throwing down a One thousand dollar bill in Canadian currency. The attendants eyes widened at the sight of the bill. 

"What room?" she asked taking the money. I rolled my eyes and looked back to Ghost. Giving him a do you give a fuck kind-of look. Chuckling he walked over to the counter. 

"We'll just have a regular two bed room, please." He flashed a grin her way causing the women to blush as she fumbled with the room keys. I managed to keep myself from gagging, only by walking to the elevator and pressing the up button. A phone's ring caught my attention and I turned to see it's owner. A man in a full suit and tie with sunglasses hurried answered, his words were angry and rushed, so much so I couldn't translate his French. Ghost walked over, grinning from ear to ear and passed me a room key. 

"Seventh floor," he said as the elevators bell chimed and the doors opened. Stepping into the elevator, I pressed the seventh floor button. It's glow lightly bouncing off the metal of the elevator's interior. Humming the elevator started upward. 

"We're fucking fugitives and you're flirting  with hotel staff. Your going to get us killed, Sraka!" I pushed my hand deep into my coat pocket tensing my hand around the pistol. Take a deep breath, I told myself, you only need him a bit longer. Ghost scowled at me, he probably would have punched me if he knew Russian. The bell sounded again, noting that we had reached our floor. The doors opened and we stepped out, walking to the opposite end of the floor to reach our room. 

"I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation," Ghost finally said. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, Ghost inserted the key into the door and it clicked open. 

"We'll why don't we order a few blyads and party the night away!" I snarled, pushing past the Australian and sitting on the bed closest to the window. Ghost walked in and flipped on the TV, sitting on the opposite bed. 

"Listen Reaper, you have to stop with the bloody Russian, I can't understand a fucking word." I could tell Ghost was being sincere but I didn't really care to hear his sentiment. He sighed. "What's made you mad as a cut snake?" I raised an eyebrow at the Aussie's slang, he was doing it just to piss me off. 

"You've never been to Russia have you? Never had to grow up in the crumbling USSR? I did! It was a self destructing illusion of happiness and success. You live through all that and then become an assassin for the new Russian government, leave that line of work and go freelance...then you'll understand what mad me mad as a cut snake!" I squeezed my eyes shut and rubbed my temples. Why had I just said all that?! Ghost was silent for a moment, when I looked up at him there was a flicker of understanding behind his eyes. He nodded and headed for the bathroom. 

"I'm taking a shower." He shut the door behind him, not two minutes later the sound of running water echoed from the walls. Laying back on the bed, I pulled out Erin's pistol. It was a fourth generation Glock 17 holding .40 S&W bullets in it's cartridge. Not a bad choice, American but not a great one either. A knock sounded at the door, I stayed silent and pressed the TV's power button. Three more knocks sounded followed by a male voice.

"Room Service!" I slipped silently over to the light switch and shut them off making the entire room pitch black. The showers water shut off, leaving only the ominous sound of slowly dripping water onto tile floor. I pressed myself into the small closet next to the door. Just as I tucked myself inside the wooden room door exploded inward, sending splinters into the room's wall. Three men in urban tactical gear holding carbines stormed the room. The second the final team member stepped in, I pressed the trigger sending a bullet into the back of his head. Blood and skull fragments coated his team members, causing them to spin, loosing rounds in my direction. The bathroom door jerked open catching one of the men in the face. Ghost stepped out, fully dressed. He smashed the man's throat with his hand causing the second team member to fall to the floor. The third backed up farther into the room, illuminated only by the glow of the moon from behind the window curtains. 

Leveling the pistol, I sent one more shot downrange. The window shattered as the third and final assault team member slumped to the floor. I looked to Ghost barley seeing his outline in the darkness. I opened my mouth to speak but an arm wrapped violently around my neck, pressing a cold steel blade against my throat. The lights blazed to life revealing the room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone had Ghost in the same hold as me. A voice met my ear as the men that held us turned so we could see a grizzled man in black fatigues and assault gear. 

"You two have been causing me a shit load of trouble and now that I get to see you both up close... I'm shocked at how either of you two could have done so much damage! It's unbelievable!" The man walked up to me, grinning smugly, he took the pistol from my hand. 

"I suppose you got this from our agent Erin?" he looked to me, his face contorting in anger. 

"If that's what you want to believe, mudak." The man racked back the pistol's slide bringing another round in the chamber. He spun on his heel and jammed the pistol against my temple. The agent holding my tensed the knife on my throat.

"Erin was a good friend and a good agent." The man sneered in my face as I looked at Ghost, he gave a barley noticeable nod, then flashed a three with his fingers. The man in my face was shouting but I didn't listen to what he said. I took a deep breath and began to count down. Three...Two...One...NOW! Slamming my head forward, I head butted the grizzled man causing him to drop the Glock. The agent who had been holding me pulled back on the knife as I smashed the back of my head into his nose. He yelped falling backward onto the floor. Ghost had already taken his captor out by jamming the blade into the agent's eye. 

Quickly, I retrieved the pistol and sent one round into my captor. With him dead that left their leader. Ghost held the bloody knife in his hand as he grabbed the man's scruff. 

"Fucker!" he coughed spitting blood onto the floor. I held the pistol before the man, keeping it away from his reach. 

"You're getting too old for these kinda missions Grandpa." I snickered, rage burned in the man's eyes.

"Since you obviously failed, mind enlightening us as to who you are?" Ghost asked. 

"No, I believe I won't! You two are just pups tying to play with the big dogs. In the end you'll just end up as another statistic, dead in a gutter!" The man landed a heavy kick in Ghost groin, making him trip over a body and fall to the floor. The man tackled me to the floor, wrestling for the gun.

"I've been killing people since before you could shit in a diaper, Russian dog." We both fought hard for the weapon neither getting a true edge.

"Just give me your name Grandpa!" I grunted pushing harder on the pistol. The man narrowed his eyes, I was winning. Ghost finally found his ground shoving the man off me and in front of the window. I tightened my grip on the pistol and pulled the trigger. The round tore from the barrel catching the man in his chest. His eyes widened as he slumped against the wall below the blown out window. His mouth was moving, muttering something, I crouched next to him.

"Falcon," he wheezed. "And I promise you both...If you think I'm bad, wait till you meet my friend. He'll send you both to hell!" Falcon gasped and gagged, his eyes glazing over and his breathing stopping. Ghost and I looked at the man.

"I guess we'll see you there," I replied.     

The End

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