Ghost and Reaper started hiking back to Ottawa by walking on top of the snow near the tracks, avoiding suspicious looking search parties. Reaper looked amazed, saying "It must get warm quickly then cold, making an icy top layer."

Ghost hugged his chest and followed Reaper, a bitter wind sweeping his warmth away. The snowy top layer collapsed and Ghosts leg fell into the three foot deep snow. He grunted and pulled his leg out, brushing snow of. Reaper looked at Ghost with amusement.

Half of the sun  lowered below the earth at five in the afternoon. Ghost fumed "How far could one bloody train take us?!"

Reaper laughed "Five kilometers every minute, so probably about thirty clicks."

"I thought that plus fifty in the Outbacks was bad, this is just wrong."

A snowmobile glided beside the tracks, a volunteer driving. Reaper smiled and hailed the snowmobile, waving his arms. It slowed to a halt on the tracks and the man got of. Ghost walked up to him and landed a hard punch to the side of his head. The man fell unconscious. Reaper took his train ticket out and put it in the mans pocket, dragging him backwards through the snow, then forwards. Ghost asked "What about our tracks?"

Reaper looked at him as if he were a moron. He stated "Forecast said there would be wind, it will cover our footprints. The search party will see the deeper impressions of his body being dragged, except they will think he started crawling after the crash and lost him memory."

Ghost shrugged and jumped on the snowmobile with Reaper. The engine roared and soon enough, they found themselves in Ottawa.

A satellite in orbit zoomed in on the tracks. A snowmobile tossed snow, heading in the opposite direction of the train. The satellite zoomed in and relayed the image.

Reaper ditched the snowmobile and headed for the nearest hotel, a four star West Inn. Ghost booked two rooms and proceeded to pass out. 


In Chicago, the headquarters for Black Light buzzed, Erins distress signal flashing. Commander Falcon yelled at Brian on his cell phone "Brian, I need a no shit assessment, is it them?!"

Brian attempted to clear the photo up, barely managing to make out the Russians face. He smiled and stated "Targets confirmed."

Falcon grinned "Wait for the rest of Black Light, sunrise is your window. Full force is authorized along with covers."

"Understood sir, White out."


The End

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