Smiling at DeathMature



I groaned feeling a seatbelt digging into my chest. Where was I? What was going on? Suddenly the memory of Ghost stabbing me flashed to the forefront of my mind. I gritted my teeth and groggily opened my heavy eyes. The world was blurry and moving, the sound of metal whining in the background. As the world began to focus, my heart thundered in my chest. The train car my seat was attached to, was hanging at a 45 degree angle. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed a large amount of unconscious passengers, a bridges silhouette coming into view through a window. Great, not only do I not know where Erin or Ghost is but I'm hanging off a bridge on a train car that could plummet at any minute. Just fucking peachy! Un-strapping the seat belt, I rested my feet on the seat before me. Checking the car I noticed Erin clinging to a seat lower in the train car, near the open door and the river below. Holding the chair, I moved into the isle and drew my dagger.

"Erin!" I shouted, catching the man's attention. He leaned out into the isle, into the direct path of the blade. Had he not held his hand out, it would have sunk deep into his throat. Instead the blade's spin and trajectory took off Erin's first, middle, and ring finger on his right hand then lodged in the train’s fiberglass wall. Erin yowled in pain, letting go of the car and slamming into the front row of the car. Carefully, I eased myself towards him, resting two seats above him.

"YOU BASTARD!" Erin screamed, clutching his bloodied hand. I was in no mood for insults. Grabbing the scruff of his shirt, I drug the Black Light agent to my eye level.

"What is Project Black Light?! Who are you working for?!" I demanded. Erin scowled through his severe pain. The look in his eyes was a stone cold decision.

"I'd rather die than tell you Suka!" Erin shot back. I snarled and threw him against the floor, causing the car to tremble and groan, it wouldn't hang on much longer.

"NOW! AMERICAN!" I threatened, kicking my boot into his chest, snapping a few ribs. Erin wailed like a banshee but still said nothing. It was abundantly clear he wouldn't tell me anything.

"Fine." I scoffed, tearing Erin's pistol from its holster. Cocking the gun, I put one shot into each knee. No escape. Giving the American one last kick, I scrambled for the door at the back of the car.

"You can't leave me!" Erin screeched, but I continued on ignoring the man’s pleas. The car began to rattle and shift, moving inch by inch. I jumped for the door and caught its handle. Throwing it open, I jumped onto the bridges surface. The second my feet left the car, it moaned and broke free, plummeting into the river below. A loud splash of water sounded and echoed into the scenery. I took a few deep breaths before finally standing.

"Reaper!" A familiar voice shouted in urgency. My eyes narrowed as I glanced over the bridges edge. Hanging below on one of the supports hung Ghost, his feet dangling aimlessly. "Help me up!" he yelled again, shifting his grasp. Finally a chance to put the Australian out of his misery and finish the mission. I didn't care that I was being hunted for that exact same mission; Ghost had disgraced me and in the process had signed his death warrant. Drawing Erin's pistol, I leveled it at Ghost's forehead. His face lost all it's colour flushing white, how fitting. Just as my finger tensed on the trigger, a thought struck me. Ghost was also being hunted by whoever these Black Light agents are...If I use his help to take them out then kill Ghost. That's two birds, with one stone. I grinned and put the pistol away.

"Sorry, old habits die hard." I went back to the train and retrieved a rope, tossing it down to Ghost. Eagerly he grabbed it and climbed to the bridges surface. He was panting as he collapsed, then his attention shifted to me. Suspicion pooling behind his eyes.

"Why did you help me?" I shrugged, putting my hands in my pockets.

"I think we'd survive longer as a team with these Black Light agents hunting us, don't you agree?" 

The End

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