Train WreckMature

Four cars on a train dangled over a broken bridge. Ghost lied unconscious on the entrance to the third car. A phone slowly slipped out of a mans pocket at the back of the car and tumlbed. The phone broke on Ghosts right arm. He groaned and his eyes opened, perceiving a blurry world. A suitcase fell from back of the car and slammed into the entrances thin steel door, causing a massive bend. Ghost slowly stood up and the door swung open. He fell and caught the door handle with his right hand, screaming "Aaahhhhhh! Woo!"

His body flailed as he pulled himself up the door and onto the wall, slowly standing up. He moved his left hand to his forehead, feeling something hot and sticky. Ghost mumbled "Bloody hell, wha-  right, Erin."

Ghost started using the seats as a ladder, avoiding moaning and unconscious passengers. He reached the last seat and stood, grabbing the handle of the door leading to the next car. The seat collapsed and his grip on the door rapidly increased as he hung. The door gave way and swung open, throwing Ghosts side into the metal side of a seat. He groaned and pulled himself up the door. The door screeched and a hinge ripped of. Ghost yelled and pulled up so hard he flew upwards, barely grabbing the door frame. The door spinned and fell down the car, hitting below with a boom. With an effort, he pulled himself up, his side burning. His eyes looked up at the top of the car, seeing an ajar door. Through that door, a car at a forty five degree angle with Erin climbing up the aisle. The train jolted and Erin almost lost his grip, feet sliding. The car started shaking badly, followed by a screech. Ghost panicked and looked out a window, seeing a steel support for the bridge close by. 

He kicked the window open and jumped as the car screeched. His hands grabbed the support and the car disconnected, sending three cars plummeting into the river a hundred feet below.

The End

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