If I just rest here...Mature

Ghosts head slept against the window of the train to Ottawa, shifting up and down with each bump in the uneven track. He saw Brian groaning on the floor his name is Erin Nasedkin, he- here's a photo. Sarah moaned in the other room.

He woke with a start, rubbing his forehead. Ghost sighed and leaned his head back onto the headrest. An automated voice stated "We will be arriving in Ottawa in five minutes, please remain in your seats until the train has fully stopped."

The train slowed to a halt and the tired passengers stood up, stretching and chatting. Doors slid open on the platform and people stumbled out until almost all of the train emptied. An attendant walked around, checking everyones tickets and nodded at mine. 

Passengers spilled onto the train. Ghost started sweating, eyes dancing across each face, thinking where are you? Reaper walked onto the train, his face darkened. Ghost looked down and fiddled with his backpack, carefully hiding his face. Reaper walked a few aisles behind Ghost and sat down. 

Ghost swallowed and looked back up, seeing Erins face. A very small smile crossed Ghosts face as he thought Just have to knock out Reaper and gas the train. It would be so easy if he weren't here... 

The train doors closed and the trains started picking up speed, accelerating to three hundred kilometres an hour. A voice announced "You may take of your seatbelts."

Reaper stood up and walked towards Erin. Ghost waited until Reaper got close enough and stabbed him in the wrist with a needle. Surprisingly, Reaper stumbled down the aisle, shaking his head. He fell to the ground. 

Ghost stood up and walked to Reaper, saying "It's alright, he's a friend of mine, had a liquid laugh last night, er, I mean he threw up." Ghost grabbed his arms and lifted him up. "Medicine just made him drowsy." 

Reapers feet dragged along the floor as Ghost put him into another car and fastened his seatbelt. Ghost thought right, that should work, he isn't near his stuff, no drama.

Erin looked at Ghost curiously and his eyes widened slightly. Ghost ducked around a seat as Erin drew his gun and a badge, yelling "FBI, everyone stay down!"

A minute passed and Erin slowly advanced on Ghost, aiming. A towel wiped around the seat and hit Erin in the face, followed by a punch to the groin. Ghost wrapped his hands around Erins gun and quickly received a knee in his face. Erins gun got ripped from his hands as Ghost fell and he started sprinting to a forward cart. 

Ghost followed and then quickly started sprinting the opposite way at the detonator in Erins hand. He barely managed to get into another cart. The backpack Ghost carried into the train exploded, throwing the car sideways as they rounded a corner. The rest of the train started to flip. Ghost started running on the walls of his car, trying to get as far back as possible, avoiding people and debris. The rest of the train flipped, sliding alongside a bridge. The front car smashed through the side of the bridge, slowing to a halt. Ghosts car started to tip and fall over the edge. Ghost grabbed a seat which broke. He screamed as he fell into the front of his car and knocked his head into a light, his back smashing into a seat then into the front wall. The train slowed to a halt, passengers screaming.

Ghost dreamed of a body on the ground, a shallow voice whispering "If I just rest here..." 


The End

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