Seeing RedMature


It had been 5 years since I had set foot into Red Square. Snow softly fluttered from the night sky, changing colors in the illuminated square. Tall spires jutted into the air, they belonged to St. Basils cathedral. A church that had been in the Russian motherland since the middle of the 1500's. The eight onion shaped bulbs topped the spires, accentuated by a brilliance of color.  

Young couples and throngs of people passed by me as I leaned against a snow coated brick wall. Smoke wafted into the air from between my lips as I tossed a cigarette butt to the sidewalk. A loud bell began it's symphony stating the new hour, 9:00pm. Giving a quick glance to my surroundings I walked casually into the Cathedral, someone had offered me a job and told me to meet them at St. Basils.  Stepping inside the building, I shed my heavy coat, opting to keep on my black Ushanka  hat. The  inside of St. Basils was dark, barley lit by the soft glow of a few candles  scattered around it's expanse. A voice echoed from the front pew.

"Come Comrade, sit." My eyes narrowed on the woman, she had long flowing blonde hair but because of the way she was sitting I couldn't tell anything else. She motioned on hand to sit next to her. I remained in the shadows at the rear of the room. 

"I'm fine where I stand, just leave the mission statement where you are and leave." My voice was stressed and tense, ever since my mission in Mogadishu I had been watching my back. 

"Khren!" she shot back standing and moving to the main isle way to face me. Her blue eyes sparkled in the light. Unfortunately I knew her, my hand tightened around a small pistol I had in my pocket. I wanted to avoid confrontation but sometimes death was a necessity. "Come my friend say hello!" She took a step forward but stopped thinking otherwise. She used a hand to move a loose strand of hair from her face, oddly I noticed her lips moving. It was a trap. A loud shot echoed just as I jumped to the side. The bullet struck home into my shoulder, sending a spray of blood onto the floor. I sprinted behind of the massive pillars and pulled out my pistol, the sniper must have been at the pulpit. I groaned in pain as I looked to my wounded shoulder. 

"Come mudak! My employers are paying me a handsome fee to take you out of the picture. A bullet tore past the column l0ding into the wall before me. I cocked the pistol and spun from cover. Finger pressing the trigger, I advanced past a row of pews and forced her to take cover. Her sniper back up stood and turned to run. 

"Not today suka!" I shouted at the man, English slipping into Russian. A bullet struck the back of his head, making it explode in a splash mist of red. 

"Milo!" she shouted in anger and anguish. "Gonvo!" The girl stood from cover and pointed a pistol at me, her hand trembling. "You're gonna pay fo-" I pulled the trigger again, bringing me down to my last bullet. The woman's body crumpled upon itself, crashing into the cold marble floor. Slowly, I made my way to her and noticed that I had just clipped her carotid artery. Blood pooled around her back as I crouched next to her. She was breathing, barley. 

"Who sent you, blyad?!" I demanded, pressing the barrel of my gun to her forehead. She chuckled, bits of blood spattering her lips, but she said nothing as her last breath left into the still air. Wasting no time I searched both of the bodies, looking for anything that might lead me to their employers. The only use item I could find was a simple white business card with a name printed in heavy black lettering, Lucas Johnson. The name didn't sound familiar. I winced in pain as more blood poured from my shoulder. I'd need to clean the wound or else I might receive serious damage. Wrapping my coat around me I left the Cathedral, first to bandage my wounds then I'd have a few calls to make about this Lucas Johnson. 

The End

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