Black LightMature

The sequel to Death Dealers

In New York, Brian White stood in a stairwell, watching Sarah. Brian took a picture of her as she inserted her key and opened her apartment door, walking inside. Brian mumble into his mic. "Possible target, sending picture now."

A rough voice stated "Target confirmed, Black Light is clear to move in."

Brian smiled and whispered into his mic. "Paca". Two agents walked up the stairwell, nodding. Brian walked to Sarahs apartment door and knocked three times. Sarah yelled "One se-"

Brians smile faded as he took out his pistol, aiming it at the door. He growled "Open and clear!"

One of the agents leaned back to kick the door down. The door slammed open, knocking the agent of balance and onto his back, blood spraying out of his forehead. Smoke blinded Brian as he felt something warm splash onto his face. A hand wrapped around his throat. The smoke slowly cleared, revealing Ghosts face. Ghost screamed "Why are you after Sarah?!"

Brian thought how did you get out of Brazil?! 

Ghost sprayed Brians face with pepper spray and then proceeded to smash his nose through the thin wall. Brian cried as Ghost pulled his head out of the wall and smashed him into the ground, landing a kick into his stomach. Brian lied on the floor and cried "She knows who sent you!"

Ghost grinned and asked "Now who would that be Brian?"

The End

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