Chapter VII: Cold

"Shut up!" 

The boy obeyed at once, rambling dying abruptly in his mouth; there was no mistaking that tone, or the look the girl was giving him. Her voice had cut through all the noise polluting the chilly air, leaving a dead silence in its place as, all around them, children ceased their activities to turn and stare.

You say I can’t speak normally... So let me say this in a way you’ll understand.” Electra's voice was low, lips barely moving. “Leave. Me. Alone,” she drew out, head inching closer to the boy’s with each whispered word until their noses were only a hair's breadth apart. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” she suddenly yelled, forcing the boy backwards without ever laying a hand on him.

B-but... we’re friends....

I would never be friends with a boy! Specially one as disgusting as you! And if I wanted someone to constantly tell me things which other people have already said, I would’ve gotten a parrot!

Once again, silence fell upon them like a hammer.

By then, the wind had died down. The children around them had yet to make any sort of noise, intimidated as they were by the suffocating silence around the two, an unfamiliar coldness gripping at their hearts. And yet they stared, transfixed. 

Unaware of the children's stares, the pair stood there on the snow, with different thoughts and emotions going through their heads.

The boy was trembling from head to toe, lips quivering, eyes wavering with unshed tears. The girl, on the other hand, was heaving, skin flushed from the outburst, her hardened eyes still fixed on the boy’s.

Then, the boy opened his mouth; and then quickly closed it before any sound could escape it. Tears finally leaked from his eyes, quiet sobs following soon after.

He took a step back, then another one.

With one quick spin, he turned away from the girl and ran, the sounds of bawls following his figure as he tripped on the snow on his way back to the school building. 

Almost as if coming out of a daze, the girl started and blinked several times at the empty spot where the boy had been. Anger had left her eyes, only to be replaced by confusion and surprise instead.

A gloved hand came up to touch her flushed cheeks and wet brow, to then feel the steady and fast pulse beneath the scarf and over a spot on the pale skin of her neck.

Slowly, the corner of those cracked lips turned upwards, a smile taking over her features.

Without any glance towards the other children, the girl twirled around, her movements fluid and almost joyful, and started a brisk walk towards the edge of the school grounds.

Several children looked on, confused and apprehensive. Electra just kept on smiling to herself, a glint brightening up the ash in her eyes as she unclasped her hands from the jacket's lapel. 

Who knew being so cold could make you so warm.


The End

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