Chapter VI: Bleak

A pair of fur lined boots sunk into the thick layer of snow covering the school grounds. Chapped lips parted to let out a breath, grey eyes following as it condensed and rose to the morning air as fog. 

Electra stood still for a few seconds, watching the dead and colourless patch of sky above her, before lowering her sight to the expanse of white in front of her.

Distant voices reached her ears, made loud by the natural silence that clung to the landscape, uninterrupted even by the wind, which remained gentle despite its chilling bite. 

Children her age and older ran past her, either bubbling with laughter or shouting in excitement. Their voices succeeded in breaking through the already cracked, quiet atmosphere and made the young girl cringe and stiffen.

With half-lidded, hard eyes she watched them for a moment, unmoving, until a gust of wind blew by her, whipping raven locks around her face.

Pulling the grey shearling coat tighter around her body, she stepped forward and started walking away from the school building, all the while straying from her running classmates and whizzing snowballs.

Passing by a couple of those kids, she shot them a gloomy stare.

They all seemed to be having so much fun and where dressed so casually, as if the weather didn't bother them at all, as if it was nothing, as if it was actually warm and sunny for them. And there she was, roaming alone in the biting cold, fighting to just keep the blood flowing through her veins. 

What was wrong with her?

"Electra, Electra!

Eyes widening, the young girl turned them straight to the path at her right, the one which led to the playground, afraid she wouldn't have the energy to turn her frigid body around. Her attention was immediately drawn to a boy wearing a bright blue puff jacket, trampling on the snow to get to her. 

"Hey ... Electra," the boy breathed out after stopping next to her, his small chest heaving.

The girl in question didn’t answer back, though her eyes, darkened by some unidentified emotion, remained on the boy.

Instead of long flaxen hair and pastel blue eyes, she was greeted by the sight of stained blond hair, damp from the melting snow that still clung to the short locks, and stagnant dark blue eyes.  Both features were set on a round face, alight with a healthy glow and a rosy hue which tinged the plump cheeks.

The boy had started talking, but the girl was too focused on the bead of sweat that had rolled down the side of his face and now dangled from his almost non-existing chin, waiting for its impending fall. 

The boy was sweating.

If Electra could, she would've have punched him in the face. 

"... and they said that you broke a violin and -"

"What?" She started, turning to properly look at the boy.

"Everyone is talking about it and Dominika said that you were kicked out of music class -" the boy kept on talking without pause, lips curved in a broad grin that seemed to grow bigger and bigger as he went on.

"How do they know that?" Electra interrupted once more, raising her voice and giving the boy a long hard stare. The boy stopped grinning to himself to look at her, face twisting in confusion. 

Sighing through her nose, the girl turned her back to the boy and started walking away from him. 

"Hey, wait! Electra...!" The girl bit her lip and picked up the pace, but it wasn't enough to dissuade the boy, who had merely skipped up to walk along side her. "Did you really do those things? Did you break the teacher's favourite violin? Did he kick you out? Are you going to stop playing? Did ...

"That's none of your business," Electra remarked dryly, stopping suddenly to face the boy as she clutched the soft fabric of her coat even tighter.

The boy gave her that weird look again, eyes squinting and lips curling. "Why do always do that? Speaking in that weird language... Did you forget how to speak normally or something? You know, teacher says-"

"Shut up!"


The End

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