Chapter III: Faded

“Hey, what’s your name?”


Her lips had just begun to part to form an answer when a sound broke through the air between them. Although muffled, the young girl recognized the beginning notes of Swan Lake Waltz by Tchaikovsky.

With a small exclamation of surprise, the older turned her head downwards and fumbled with one of the pockets of her jeans. Taking out an old looking cell phone, she held it in front of her, hitting a button before taking it to her ear.

Hello?  … Oh, okay, sorry. I’ll be right there... Don’t worry, I’m close... Bye.

Turning it off, the blonde rose to her feet and turned her softened eyes to the girl. “I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here with you. I have to go and return this,” she explained, head gesturing to the binder in her arms.

The younger nodded, showing the other the smallest hint of a smile which didn’t reach her forever frozen eyes.

“Okay, it was nice meeting you, bye.” The taller waved as she hurried down the corridor.

“Bye…” the young girl whispered. She then made a gesture as if to wave back, but halted the movement as she noticed the red stained handkerchief still wrapped around her hand.

Eyes widening, she whipped her head around, lips parting to form a shout. But all that greeted her was a dark and lonely hallway.

The blonde girl was already gone.

At this, her face dropped, lips closing shut. Grey eyes then trailed downwards to the piece of cloth on her hand, fingers ghosting over the fabric in a sort of caress. Carefully, as if the material could unthread at any moment, she folded it, slipping the handkerchief into her back pocket.

With a thump of the violin falling to the steel underneath, the raven haired girl slithered off the bench and turned to the dark end of the hallway. Her slow and even footsteps echoed through the corridor as they drew farther away from the place where the broken violin lay, forgotten.

And the whispering voice returned to darkness...

The End

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