Chapter II: Paper Thin

The wide-eyed girl looked on as the figure passed by her and suddenly dropped forward, dozens of paper being thrown in the air, scattering as they fell about in front of her like injured doves.

Darn it!

It was another girl – a much older one – that squatted down, picking up the papers one by one and slipping each inside a hard cover binder. She tucked a lock of yellow hair behind her ear as she gave a slight huff, eyebrows furrowed and eyes focused on the floor tiles.  

The younger girl, who had sat in shock induced stillness during the whole accident, blinked away the surprise and turned her head to the space in the bench beside her, where a piece of paper lay over her hand and dangerously close to the edge.

In front of her, the older girl had picked up the last piece of paper on the ground and had been in the process of slipping it in when another paper appeared on her peripheral vision.

Long waves of flaxen hair brushed against an elegant neck as the older looked up at the object being presented to her. Baby blue eyes traveled across the hand holding the paper and along the arm covered by a long sleeve, to finally rest on the face of the small girl, where icy grey eyes met hers.

Oh, hello there… thank you.” The older accepted the paper, storing it within the binder before looking back at the girl with eyes alight and a smile on her full lips. “I didn’t see you there… You’re a student, right?” The teenager’s voice flowed from her mouth, hovering in the air like the sweet smell of her perfume despite the rough language she spoke in.

The younger girl nodded once, and very slowly she did, as if afraid she would make too much noise otherwise, her big eyes wide yet grave. 

So why are you sitting here all alone?

The small girl didn’t answer. Instead, she turned her head to look at the door at her right, from where the music still sounded.

Ah, I see, you’re in the music class.” The blonde turned her gaze to the violin the other was holding. “What happened to your-” she stopped, eyes widening when she noticed the girl’s hand.

Your fingers, they’re bleeding!

Before the small girl could do so much as blink, the blonde had taken out a handkerchief and proceeded to clean the offending red out of the other's pale fingers. The injured didn’t protest or say a word of any kind, and merely sat there, watching with curious and surprised eyes as the beautiful girl took care of her self-inflicted wounds while caressing her hand in a comforting gesture. 

You poor thing, how could’ve this happened? ... The broken string on your violin… it must have hurt a lot. Oh! You poor little thing…! And your hands are so cold too!

“I’m okay.”

The older stopped her rambling and looked up, surprised.

“You know how to speak English?” she asked, her voice thick with a heavy accent that distorted her words.

You’re a very smart girl” she praised after seeing the girl nod, gracing the little one with a bright smile. The other’s cheeks tinged a rosy hue at the complement, eyes glued to the other’s mouth.

So, what happened?

The small one hesitated, changing her position on the bench awkwardly before deciding to torture her chapped lower lip.

“… I broke the E string of the school’s violin. The teacher got angry with me and told me to sit here,” she explained in a toneless voice as she fixed her hardened eyes on the fabric of her dark pants, letting the locks of straight dark hair brush the sides of her face.

“He did? Why would he do such a thing?” the older questioned, also switching to English after hearing the little girl.

“This is the sixth string I break in the middle of class…”

Oh… wow… That’s really…hum…

At the other’s reaction, the younger frowned and lowered her head, the angry blush hidden behind long ebony locks.

“Hey, don’t be like that! I’m sure you’ll get better, so don’t give up, okay?” the other quickly added, complementing her words with an encouraging smile.

The other didn’t reply or smile back, but looked up at the smiling blonde with a softened expression and a very slow blink of her emotionless eyes.

“Hey, what’s your name?”


The End

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