Black Ice

The snow was falling again, heavier than ever. My dad was laughing at his own joke, and I was laughing with him. This was the fourth day of snow, and I was having a great time. I loved the snow, there was so many things to do. Sledging, snowmen, snowball fight, skating on the river. 

I never could have imagined what happened next.

We came round the corner, my dad still laughing, not concentrating properly on the road. I immedietly saw the patch of black ice ahead, but I didn't say anything. It was on the other side of the road, I didn't think we would go anywhere near it. 

But then I didn't know about the car coming down the side street, towards the road we were on.

It came out just as we passed, slamming into the side of the van. It didn't hurt anyone, but the van careered off to the other side of the road. My dad grabbed the steering wheel and got the van under control again.

Just as we reached the patch of black ice.

The van slid off the road, smashed through the barrier and off the edge into the gorge below.

I thought my life was going to end, right there and then, trapped in a metal box, falling.

Turns out I didn't.

I did go into a twelve month coma though.

The End

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