Black HorizonMature

I swear now, to tell the truth.

The whole truth.

And nothing but the truth.

I didn't want you to go.

We used to be best friends. We used to talk about everything. Why didn't you tell me that one thing that caused you to leave? Was it something that I did? I don't know what happened to you. You used to be a normal 15 year old just like the rest of us.

I didn't want you to go.

You turned your back on us and walked away. I can't stress enough how much you have changed. The change that you went through? I guess its normal for girls these days. Which is sad because thats not how things should be.

I knew that you would change.

I look around now and all I see is the person you have become because thats the 'In' thing now. I look around and I see an entire world full of girls like you. Thats not what girls were supposed to be.

I knew that you would change.

I never thought that you had changed that much. I thought you had just left us with your secret and that was it. I didn't realise that almost everyone knew your 'secret' now because your reputation was building.

Why did you do this?

You came one day, talking to us again, bragging about the drugs you've done and that you've gotten drunk and done things with other people. I tried to tell you that it was wrong. You told me that 'everyone can make mistakes'

Why did you do this?

I agree that everyone can make mistakes but not those mistakes and not when you are 15 years old and still in school. You then went on to say that you've tried smoking but you didn't like it. You told me the things you've done to other people and with other people.

You are 15.

You held out your arm one day and told me that you cut yourself. I asked you why. You said that it was because your 'friends' were doing it and so you wanted to 'be just like them'. I felt like yelling at you but I knew you would break down.

You are freaking 15 years old.

You shouldn't be doing things like this. You shouldn't be coming to school the next day with an entire arm full of cuts saying that you were 'stressed'. I hate this feeling that I can't help you and that even if I tried, you wouldn't accept my help. I hate that everyone knows what you've been up to even though you don't tell them.

It's your own fault.

You remind me of this one song-

'With my head in my hands, I'm falling. No one can stop me, nothing can help me- destroyed- help me.'

But it's your own fault; not accepting the help we try to offer you. You can't keep doing this.

You're not only hurting yourself but the ones around you too.


The End

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